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27 Jun 2019

Argos issues safety notice on Bush tumble dryers

Argos has identified 17 tumble dryers that pose a potential fire risk

Just a few weeks after the government announced its intention to serve Whirlpool a recall notice for fire-risk tumble dryers, Argos has announced that 17 of its Bush tumble dryers could also pose a risk of catching fire.

Working with Milton Keynes trading standards, Argos has identified several models that require additional maintenance to make sure they aren't dangerous.

According to the Argos website, the following 17 products are affected:

  • Bush TDV6B 6KG (1288010)
  • Bush TDV6S 6KG (7642966)
  • Bush TDV6B 6KG (1292051)
  • Bush V7SDB 7KG (5386073)
  • Bush TDV6B 6KG (1737901)
  • Bush V7SDB 7KG (5435010)
  • Bush TDV6W 6KG (4810722)
  • Bush V7SDW 7KG (5480948)
  • Bush TDV6W 6KG (7642382)
  • Bush V7SDS 7KG (5496011)
  • Bush TDV6W 6KG (7642399
  • Bush V7SDW 7KG (5586282)
  • Bush TDV6S 6KG (7642959)
  • Bush V6SDW 6KG (4281571)
  • Bush V6SDB 6KG (4287104)
  • Bush V6SDW 6KG (4278041)
  • Bush V6SDS 6KG (4278216)

Find out more about the work we're doing to ensure the products in your home are safe.

What to do if you have an affected tumble dryer

According to a notice published on its website, Argos has linked the potential fire risk to 'incorrectly installed and poorly maintained tumble dryers'.

It is urging users to clean the lint filter after every load and clean the vent hoses to make sure that lint doesn't restrict airflow. This can cause the dryer to overheat and catch fire.

Follow these steps to check if your Bush tumble dryer could pose a fire risk:

  1. Disconnect the dryer from the power source before cleaning.
  2. Check for lint in the vents and vent hoses.
  3. Air from the vent hose shouldn't flow into a chimney or vent flue.
  4. The vent hose should not be connected to ducting that ventilates rooms with a fireplace.
  5. Clean any lint from the filter by hand or with a cloth.

If you have any questions about how to perform these checks, you can call 0345 257 7271 to speak to someone from Argos about installation and maintenance.

You can also read the safety notice with all the advice from Argos here.

What is Argos doing?

The affected Bush tumble dryers are no longer on sale at Argos, but the retailer has yet to release information on how many dryers have been sold and whether these models are available from any other retailers.

We've asked Argos how it has notified owners of the potential danger, what prompted it to add more maintenance and safety information, when the dryers were on sale, whether it was recommending people not to use them and whether anyone has been injured due to the safety risks with the affected dryers.

An Argos spokesperson said: 'We are contacting customers to make sure they follow the latest safety instructions for Bush tumble dryers.'

Which? says

Neena Bhati, head of campaigns at Which?, says:

'Argos needs to urgently explain how many models have been sold and how many fires have been linked to these products.

'The company must also clarify what steps it will take to ensure that customers have the right information, so that we are not in a position where huge numbers of potentially unsafe products are left in people's homes, as has happened with Whirlpool tumble dryers.

'If there is any question that the machines are faulty, the OPSS must ensure that action is taken to ensure people are protected from serious harm.'

More fire-risk tumble dryers

Bush dryers aren't the only tumble dryers that pose a safety risk. Our own research has identified 127 Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline vented and condenser tumble dryers made between April 2004 and October 2015 that could cause a fire.

Head to our tumble dryer safety page to see whether yours is one of the models affected and what to do if it is.