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15 Jul 2013

Beko issues gas cooker safety warning due to carbon monoxide risk

Safety notice for Beko gas oven and grill cookers

Beko has recalled some of its gas cookers

Beko has released a safety notice for certain Beko, Leisure and Flavel gas cookers which can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide if not used properly.

The affected cookers all have separate ovens and grills, and the safety notice states that the grill section of affected models must always be used with the grill door open. You should never use the grill with the door closed.

The safety notice applies to certain models of Beko, Leisure and Flavel gas oven-and-grill cookers which were manufactured before 2009.

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Beko, Leisure and Flavel cookers affected

This safety warning applies to certain cookers from the Beko, Leisure and Flavel ranges which were made before 2009 and have serial numbers starting with 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08.

It applies to the following brands and models:

Leisure CM10NRK
Leisure CM10NRC
Leisure CM101NRCP
Leisure CM101NRKP
Lesiure AL6NDW
Beko DG581LWP
Beko DCG8511WLPG
Beko DCG8511PLW
Flavel AP5LDW
Flavel AP5LDSP
Flavel AP5LDWP
Flavel Milano ML5NDS

It also applies to any separate oven-and-grill Beko, Flavel or Leisure cookers made before 2009 which have been converted to run on LPG (bottled gas) after purchase.

Is your Beko cooker affected?

If you own a Beko, Leisure or Flavel cooker listed above, check the rating plate on the bottom right-hand corner (see picture, above) and see whether the serial number starts with 03 to 08 (inclusive). This indicates the year it was made.

If your oven was made between 2003 and 2008 you should call Beko on 0800 917 2018 (or 1800 25 29 25 if you live in Ireland) to arrange a free modification. You can keep using your cooker but you must keep the grill door open when you use the grill.

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