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Updated: 11 Feb 2020

Eye-catching sporty and practical cars tested - including a rival to Tesla

We've reviewed a whole host of cars that are sure to look striking out on the road - from Jaguar's first all-electric car, to a funky-styled MPV and the lavish BMW i8 Roadster sports car

Are you looking for a car that will stand out from the crowd? This month we've reviewed a real mix of cars that are sure to get you noticed, from Jaguar's new electric car that aims to give Tesla a run for its money, to the lovably different Citrou00ebnBerlingo and the eye-catching luxury BMW i8 Roadster plug-in hybrid. Find out how all the latest cars perform by clicking the links below.

Until now, if you were looking for an electric car with a claimed range of more than 200 miles per charge, you'd be hard pressed not to have to pay a big premium for a Tesla. The sporty yet practical Jaguar I-Pace aims to be a strong rival, and at a considerably cheaper price - we see whether it really delivers in our independent tests.

If practicality is the top priority for your family, the uniquely-styledCitrou00ebn Berlingo might be your perfect car. It's based on a van, so offers a gigantic amount of space - the cabin features no less than 28 different cubby holes of all shapes and sizes.

Meanwhile, the luxury BMW i8 Roadster sports car is the latest in BMW's 'i' range of electric and plug-in hybrid cars - see whether this is your driving dream.

We've also taken the new Kia ProCeed for a spin. It's more practical than its predecessor, now available with five doors. Find out what our experts thought below.

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Jaguar I-Pace, £64,495

Jaguar has beaten most of its established rivals to market with the full-size luxury I-Pace SUV. However, as the luxury marque's first attempt at an all-electric car - we see whether it's really hit the mark.

The I-Pace has four-wheel drive and weighs a hefty 2.2 tonnes, but Jaguar nevertheless promises an engaging drive. It's fitted with sports seats and steel-sprung suspension as standard. As you'd expect for the price, it's got a quality, upmarket fit and finish.

Jaguar claims it will do 258-292 miles on a full charge - but does the I-Pace deliver?

We see whether the claims match reality in our independent expert tests in our comprehensive Jaguar I-Pace review.

Citrou00ebn Berlingo, £16,860

Despite the Citrou00ebn Berlingo being originally launched more than 22 years ago, 2018 saw the launch of only the third generation - and it certainly stands out from the crowd.

Unlike other van-like MPVs, the Berlingo comes with Citrou00ebn'strademark funky styling, as seen on the brand's other SUV models - the C3 and C5 Aircross.

It offers a commanding SUV-like driving position and has a huge amount of space inside.

You have the choice of the standard five-seat model we tested, or a slightly longer-wheelbase model. The latter adds an extra row of two seats - these can be removed, if needed, for additional boot space.

Does this car look like the convenient package for your family? See whether it's worth your money in our expert Citrou00ebn Berlingo review.

BMW i8 Roadster, £126,935

While the idea of a sports car for the environmentally conscious driver might seem like a contradiction in terms, BMW is certainly giving us a glimpse of the future with its plug-in hybrid i8 Roadster.

It has a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which drives the rear wheels, with additional power provided by an electric motor which drives the front wheels. This makes the car a four-wheel-drive under normal conditions, and front-wheel-drive when driving on the electric power alone.

With both engines working together, the BMW i8 Roadster can reach 62mph from rest in just 4.6 seconds.

This two-seat, mid-engine sports car is made of carbon-fibre with a combined power output of 374hp, which could give the Porsche Cayman S a serious challenge.

Is this your dream machine? Our experts put it through its paces in our definitive BMW i8 Roadster review.

Kia ProCeed, £23,835

Originally launched under the bizarre name 'pro_cee'd', the new Kia ProCeed is now striking for the right reasons.

It's described by Kia as having 'shooting brake' sporty styling, similar to some Mercedes-Benz models, which means it sits halfway between a hatchback and estate, promising both great looks and a practical drive.

It's an upmarket model in the Ceed range, with only premium trim levels available.

Plus there's a great deal of equipment as standard, including cruise control, sat nav, dual-zone climate control, automatic headlights and wipers, alloy wheels, heated seats/door mirrors/steering wheel, LED rear lights, touchscreen, reversing camera/sensors, DAB radio, Bluetooth with voice recognition and smartphone compatibility.

Catch your eye? See whether this is the car you've been looking for in our extensive Kia ProCeed first look review.