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Best cars

Best family cars for 2019

By Adrian Porter

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Looking to buy the best family car? Our experts have done the hard work for you. Our pick of the best family cars has a car for every budget.

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You might think that buying a family car means your only choice is getting a people carrier (MPV) - but that's not true at all.

Our expert pick of the best family cars come from a range of classes - from SUVs and small cars, as well as the best MPVs to come through our tests. All are safe, economical and spacious enough to fit in everyone and their luggage.

Whether you'd prefer an SUV or an estate, there are plenty of suitable cars on our best family cars list.

Of course, what you don't want to be left with is a car your family will quickly outgrow, or end up with a vehicle that conks out part way through your driving holiday. Worse of all - there are family cars available that have a low safety rating.

Scroll down to see our round-up of the best new, second-hand and electric family cars. If you want more advice on what to look for in a family car, use this link to jump to: how to choose the best family car

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The best new family cars

Below our experts have selected the best cars for your family available to buy new.

Best new family cars


It combines luxury, cutting-edge technology, great safety, amazing build, practicality and refinement in one package. It's a superb all-rounder and a worthy Best Buy.


This one might raise an eyebrow, but bear with us. It’s safe, comfortable, spacious enough for seven people and has a sizeable boot. When you want it to suck up the miles on a family road trip it’ll become a superlative long-term cruiser. But drop your foot and it’ll re-emerge as a powerful, sporty machine. It’s the car to suit all occasions – just don’t expect amazing fuel economy.


An outside choice to many, but this large car is unique in its adventurous styling and strikingly distinctive cabin. It's spacious, refined, extremely comfortable and has many features to surprise and delight you.


The Yaris Hybrid has all the practicality and ease of use of the standard Yaris, but with much improved fuel economy. It’s also one of the easiest small cars to get in and out of thanks to conveniently wide door openings, low door sills and a comfortable seat height.


One of the best luxury estates you can buy, it drives as keenly as its saloon counterpart, but is more practical. The interior is luxurious and its ability to eat up miles while you drive in great comfort is almost unmatched. Yes, it's expensive, but the sense of quality throughout is unmistakable.

The best used family cars

Buying a used car can be a great way to save some money, but you'll want to make sure the car you buy is going to run for a few years yet.

Every year, we survey thousands of car owners to find out which models are the most - and least - reliable. The cars we've selected below all Which? reliability ratings of four stars out of five or more for cars aged three to eight years, so you can be a bit more confident in their longevity. 

Best used family cars


This oddly-shaped car sports superb engines, crisp handling and excellent dynamic feedback. Yet it's also superbly refined, with a composed ride and admirable noise suppression. It’s noticeably more practical than the model it’s based on, too.


It might not excite your soul, but in terms of family transport this hatchback is bang on the money. It’s spacious and safe, and is unlikely to let you down thanks to its exemplary reliability record. It’s a great all-round model, provided you don’t like to be thrilled behind the wheel.


This medium-sized estate should be considered as a family car, particularly if you’re not sold on a fashionable compact SUV. It’s spacious, practical and safe. It’s also unlikely to go wrong - thanks to its rock-solid model reliability rating, based on owner feedback in our latest in-depth reliability survey. It’s just a shame it’s so dull to look at and drive.


It may not be sporty to drive, but this well-designed hatchback gets the basics right and is well suited to drivers looking for simplicity. Practicality remains a great plus point: although the hybrid version loses around 100 litres of boot space due to its batteries (they're under the boot floor), it's still highly capacious.


Seven seats and robust dependability see this MPV ace our tests. Space is at a premium for those in the third row of seats, but its levels of equipment and safety make it a worthy Best Buy.

The best electric family car

Having a family doesn't mean you can't go green. As time goes on and more electric cars come to market, more models will join this list. In the meanwhile, here's what we recommend.

Best new electric family cars


Aside from the usual electric car compromises of a high purchase price and limited range (103 miles in our own independent tests), this car is a thoroughly practical and likeable electric compact crossover. Low day-to-day running costs (and government grants) should help ease the financial burden, however. So if your lifestyle and budget can accomodate this car, then it should certainly be considered.

How to choose the best family car for you 

Arguing over music, asking if we’re there yet and using sweets as bribes – and that was life before you had kids. When you’re blessed with the pitter-patter of little feet, you’re going to have to make sure you have a car that will fit your family and suit your lifestyle.

And ‘your lifestyle’ is the operative term. No family is identical, so it’s important to consider your specific needs. For instance:

  • Double or triple buggy? You need to make sure your boot can accommodate.
  • Looking after the last generation as well as the next one? Take extra care when assessing the amount of space the car offers, and how easy it is to get in and out.

Tips for buying a family car

Your first child?

Welcome to the dizzying world of age, weight or height rated car seats, something called Isofix and something newer called i-Size.

Before you head to a car dealership, you’ll want to do a bit of background reading. We have separate, simple guides that explain everything you need to know:

Remember, there’s nothing to stop you taking your seat and/or child to the dealership to make sure both fit.

Cars for three children or more?

Had even more children? If you’re looking for a car that can get three or more car seats in, you’ll find choice is limited.

But changing your car is expensive. And should the size of your brood increase unexpectedly, the finance needed to buy a new car could be more fleeting than ever.

But there is an alternative: the Multimac.

The Multimac is a bench of multiple car seats that is designed to fit into most medium-sized cars. You can get a Multimac with either three or four seats, and the manufacturer claims it can carry any combination of children - from birth up to twelve years old.

It's expensive, at £1,500 to £2,000, but an awful lot cheaper than buying a new car.

To find out if it's worth buying, head to our Multimac review

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