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Updated: 4 Dec 2020

Five reasons you should buy the best integrated fridge we've ever tested

If you need a new built-in fridge, look no further

We've reviewed thousands of fridges since we first started testing them more than 50 years ago - and we've just found one of the best integrated models ever.

It breezed through our tough laboratory assessments, earning an incredible overall Which? test score of 90%.

To put that into perspective, of the 46 integrated fridges we currently have reviews for online, the average score is a woeful 49%.

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Here's why this integrated fridge is so impressive:

1) It's incredibly powerful

It's easy to underestimate just how much warm air gets into your fridge when you open the door, and how hard your fridge has to work to get back down to below 5°C.

The worst models are unlikely ever to reach the temperature you set them to, as they're so slow to cool. Bacteria are likely to thrive, and the lifespan of your food would be reduced as a result.

Not so with this best-ever integrated fridge. It's lightning-quick to cool, so food inside will stay fresher for longer.

2) Outstanding energy efficiency

Reducing your carbon footprint wherever you can is an important consideration for many people. Fridge manufacturers have taken that on board, and over the past decade they've steadily improved the energy efficiency of refrigeration appliances, so that running them is much more friendly to the environment and your pocket.

But some do it a lot better than others, and this model scored a maximum five stars for energy efficiency in our tests.

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3) It remains stable in warm and cold rooms

The temperature in any fridge will rise when the door is opened, but the worst models also struggle to maintain safe temperatures when the door's closed.

Over the course of the year, the temperature in your kitchen will fall in the depths of winter, and rise during a summer heatwave. For that reason, we test fridges in room temperatures as low as 10°C and as high as 32°C.

Just three in 10 fridges we test are able to maintain a stable temperature in both warm and cold conditions. As you'd expect, our new top-scoring Best Buy is among the elite for temperature stability.

4) You'll hardly know it's there

You can rely on the manufacturer's recommended thermostat setting to get this fridge down to the perfect temperature - unlike more than a third of the other fridges we've reviewed.

It's also quieter than most, scoring an rare maximum five stars for this, so even if you have an open-plan kitchen and living room, you shouldn't find the hum of the compressor too irritating.

5) More storage space than average

Manufacturers measure capacity with all the shelves and drawers taken out, so we take our own measurements of every fridge we test to find out how much of that space can actually be used for storing food.

We found that this fridge contained 210 litres of usable space, which is 28 litres more than the average across all the integrated models we've tested. That's equivalent to one and a half supermarket shopping bags' worth of extra space, which could definitely come in handy when you're stocking up for a big family event or dinner party.