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17 Aug 2020

Honda releases its first ever cordless lawn mower - is it a cut above the rest?

Honda is one of the last big brands to go cordless and our tests reveal whether it was worth the wait

Honda is a household name when it comes to petrol-powered machines such as cars and petrol lawn mowers, but Honda's Izy range, newly released for 2020, marks the brand's first step into the world of cordless lawn mowers.

On the deck of the Honda Izy HRG 416 XB, you'll find the heavy steel engine you normally see has been replaced by a shiny black and red battery slot that fits one of Honda's 4Ah or 6Ah lithium-ion batteries, making it the lightest mower in the Izy range.

But going cordless comes with its concerns - can it compete with the power of the petrol mowers? Does the battery last long enough? How long do I have to wait between charges?

Read on to find out all the key specs you should know about if you're thinking of buying Honda's new cordless lawn mower and how it lines up against key rivals.

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What's different about the Honda cordless lawn mower?

Besides the different power source on the deck, the cordless HRG 416 XB looks almost identical to the petrol mowers in Honda's Izy range.

It has the same shiny pressed steel deck and rotary blades, the same cutting height range of 20mm up to 74mm and the same detachable mesh fabric grass catcher.

The only major difference, besides from it being battery-powered and a lighter weight, is how you switch it on:

If pulling power cords to start petrol mowers is an issue for you, this could be the model for you in Honda's new range.

Like many other cordless mowers, the Izy HRG 416 XB has a power button that you press to start up the mower, replacing any need to bend down and yank the pullcord to get the machine to start up.

There's no need to hold the button down during use, either, as you just need to clasp the operator presence down while you push the mower and release it to switch it off.

However, Honda claims that you'll have no trouble starting the Izy petrol models either, due to the Auto Choke system installed in its latest engines.

It claims that these new engines optimise the choke automatically to make them easier to start up, even in cold conditions.

It's no easy decision picking between petrol, cordless or electric lawn mowers - there are pros and cons for each. Our handy guide on how to buy the best lawn mower breaks down each type and makes choosing a mower straightforward.

Honda's Izy lawn mowers compared

Honda claims that its first cordless lawn mower range 'absolutely rivals' its petrol mowers. We tested four of the petrol mowers in the Izy range to get to the bottom of how the models compare with one another.

In the table below, we round up some of the key specs so you can see the differences and spot which model might be for you. You can head to our Honda lawn mower reviews to see the test results of each mower in the Izy range and which one comes out on top.

ModelIzy HRG 416 XBIzy HRG 416 PKIzy HRG 466 SKEPIzy HRG 466 SK
Typical price£585£289£513£440
Cutting width41cm41cm46cm46cm
Battery life20 mins*n/an/an/a
Self propelledNoNoYesYes

The key petrol competitor for Honda's cordless, the Izy HRG 416 PK, is a tempting alternative. Like the cordless model, it has very similar specifications and is similarly suited to medium-sized lawns of up around 150 square metres.

It's also only 5kg heavier, and perhaps most notably, it costs less than half the price of the cordless at £289.

The cordless doesn't come with a battery or a charger, either, so when you factor in the cost of a £60 charger and a £139 battery, Honda's cordless comes to £784 - making it one of the most expensive cordless mowers we've tested.

It's clear that if you're looking for a budget cordless mower, you may need to look at some other options.

See how the prices of our Best Buy lawn mowers compare with Honda's new range.

Cheap cordless competitors

If you're keen on upgrading to a premium-brand cordless lawn mower but aren't keen on paying more than £500, here are a few cheaper options that may be worth considering:

Stihl RMA 339 C, £459

Weight 16kg
Cutting width 37cm
Battery life 31 min
Self propelled No
Mulching No

Husqvarna LC 141iV, £424

Weight 21.5kg
Cutting width 41cm
Battery life 19 min
Self propelled Yes
Mulching No

Cobra MX4140V, £300

Weight 21kg
Cutting width 41cm
Battery life 18 min
Self propelled No

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