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7 Nov 2021

LG's most high-end small TV reviewed - it's under £500, but is it any good?

LG 43NANO756PA 4K NanoCell TV

We know smaller TVs are as popular as ever, even though there are more 55 and 65-inch models. LG's NanoCell 43NANO756PA should be one of the best small TVs of 2021.

Plenty of people don't have a large enough living room, or the inclination for anything bigger than 55 inches, and few small TVs have feature-parity with large high-end models.

The 43NANO756PA isn't awash with advanced features, but the NanoCell display should create a more vibrant image, with crisper, more dynamic colours.

In our latest round of TV reviews we put the LG through its paces along with a high-end 55-inch Sony OLED and our first Panasonic TVs of 2021.

All TV reviews - our expert lab has tested 300 TVs of all sizes, so find out which one suits your needs and budget.

LG 43NANO756PA review: most high-end small TV

LG 43NANO756PA 4K NanoCell review
  • Price: £459
  • Screensize: 43 inches
  • Screentype: LCD (with NanoCell colour-boosting layer)
  • Resolution: 4K
  • HDMIinputs: three
  • USBinputs: two
  • HDRformats: HDR10 and HLG (standard formats supported by most 4K TVs)

NanoCell TVs are LCD TVs, so it's still liquid crystals creating the picture when the bulbs in the backlight illuminate them, but there's an extra layer of NanoCells that are designed to filter colours so you only see ones that look natural and lifelike.

Unsurprisingly, colours are vital for overall picture quality. It doesn't matter how staggeringly crisp or defined the picture is, if the colours between those sharp lines aren't natural then the whole image can be ruined.

NanoCell technology should be transformative then. But while some of LG's NanoCells (it's the only company making these screens) do well, it's not a guarantee of quality.

Screen aside, the 43NANO756PA is more mid-range than high-end. It doesn't have any advanced HDR formats unfortunately, so it can't use Dolby Vision or HDR10+ to adjust contrast to suit each scene.

There's no reason why this should spoil the HDR picture, of course. Many TVs we test do a lot with basic formats, it's just a shame given how many of LG's 2021 NanoCell TVs do support Dolby Vision.

A sharp design, thin bezel and fancy display separate this TV from so many more basic 43-inch TVs. Read our LG 43NANO756PA review to see if it's worth paying more for.

Sony XR-55A80J: high-end OLED TV

Sony XR-55A80J 4K OLED TV
  • Price: £1,499
  • Screen size: 55 inches
  • Screentype: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • HDMI inputs: four
  • USB inputs: three
  • HDR formats: HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision

The A80J isn't Sony's top OLED, but it's not far off. It uses the new for 2021 XR processor, which has cognitive intelligence to improve the picture. We're used to TV brands coming up with daft concepts for their tech, but this might take the cake.

To be fair to Sony, it's a not a bad idea in theory. The processor treats the image the way the human eye would. By understanding what part of the picture you're most likely to be looking at, it can make sure that bit looks lovely.

The OLED display will help, too. Having each pixel create its own light means OLEDs have more control over how the screen is lit. Contrast tends to be better on OLED TVs as a result.

Competition is fierce with Panasonic (more on it later), LG, Hisense and Philips all releasing their own, many of which are cheaper than what Sony has to offer. Every brand knows its OLEDs have to stand out from the crowd somehow. That's why the XR processor needs to shine like one of those high-beam torches Mulder uses in the X-Files.

Does the XR processor and cognitive processing mark Sony's cheapest OLED TV as one of the best? Read our Sony XR-55A80J review to find out.

Panasonic TX-65JZ2000B: top-of-the-range OLED TV

Panasonic TX-65JZ2000B 4K OLED TV
  • Price: £2,999
  • Screen size: 65-inch
  • Screen type: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • HDMI inputs: four
  • USB inputs: three
  • HDR formats: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ (standard formats supported by most 4K TVs).

From Sony's lowest price OLED to Panasonic's most expensive, the TX-65JZ2000B is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style TV with a price to match.

The most obvious feature is that sound bar base below the screen. It has more speakers in it than most TVs - and it's always a positive sign. Many TVs support Dolby Atmos to simulate sound coming from overhead, but the 2000B is one of the few TVs that actually has speakers pointing upwards to send audio in that direction.

Having the speakers so prominently positioned doesn't always mean they will sound good, but it does create the impression that Panasonic has given a lot of consideration to sound.

It's given a fair share of consideration to picture quality, too. It's an OLED display and Panasonic is one of the few brands to use its own panels - whereas most buy theirs from LG. It affords it more control over how its OLEDs look and display an image.

It also supports four HDR formats, one more than most. This ensures whatever streaming service you use should be getting the aid of an advanced format, whether that's Dolby Vision IQ or HDR10+.

With advanced gaming features and voice control, Panasonic's OLED is ready for anything you can throw at it. In previous years its TVs didn't tend to support these peripheral features, which weren't necessary for that core good sound, good picture experience.

It's nice to see Panasonic catch-up with LG and Samsung when it comes to these extras.

Has it kept pace with those brands when it comes to quality though? Find out - here's our Panasonic TX-65JZ2000B review.

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