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11 Feb 2019

Magnetic putty removed from sale over child safety risk

Crazy Geezer's Putty World withdrawn from Amazon over risk that small magnetic parts could be unsafe

Amazon has stopped selling a toy putty following a warning that magnetic elements in it could cause internal injuries if swallowed.

The online retailer has pulled the product listing for Crazy Geezer's Putty World after a warning was issued about the product by the European Commission.

If you own the magnetic putty, which is purple and comes in the tin pictured above, you should stop your child from playing with it immediately.

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Safety warning on toy putty

The safety alert has been issued on the European Commission's Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products, or RAPEX, about Crazy Geezer's Putty World.

It says that the putty contains a magnet and other metallic objects, which could be swallowed by a child and cause 'intestinal blockage or perforation'.

This meant that the product failed to comply with requirements in the Toy Safety Directive and other relevant European standards for children's products.

Amazon pulls product from sale

Following this alert, Amazon has pulled its listings for the product, and the putty has been withdrawn from the market.

If you own Crazy Geezer's Putty World putty, you should stop your child from playing with it immediately.

You may be able to return the unsafe putty to the company and request a refund or safe replacement using 14-day online or store returns policies.

If that isn't possible, you couldcite the Consumer Rights Act on the basis that the putty is not ofsatisfactory quality or fit for purpose considering the safety warning.

You can also contact the retailer directly to see what action it may take.

Find out more about your rights when there's a safety warning or product recall.

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