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30 Jun 2019

Nextbase unveils new Bluetooth dash cams with Alexa assistant - should you buy one?

Nextbase Series 2 range supports automatic emergency service alerts and includes 'the world's first Bluetooth-equipped dash cam'

Nextbase has lifted the lid on its new Series 2 dash cam range, showing off five attentive dashboard cameras aiming to keep you safe as you journey from A to B.

The UK-based dash cam brand is one of the biggest in the country and we're testing these latest Nextbase models in our lab to make sure they live up to their claims. The full Series 2 line-up consists of the Nextbase 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW and 522GW.

Prices for these new Nextbase dash cams start at £49 and rise up to £149, like the previous series. But are there any genuine upgrades this time around?

Keep scrolling for more details on what to expect from the Nextbase Series 2 range, plus find out how you can bag a bargain dash cam.

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What makes this Nextbase dash cam range different?

As you can see from our animation, below, the newer Nextbase dash cams flaunt a sleeker, not-so-blocky shell.

But looks aside, there are plenty of new features debuting in the Series 2 family to tempt you to buy. Nextbase has added an Emergency SOS mode and Bluetooth support to several of its dash cams, for example.

Two of the five new dash cams support hands-free voice commands thanks to the Alexa voice assistant. Without taking your eyes off the road, you can queue up tunes on your smartphone, find nearby parking spots or ask for directions.

Nextbase has also been showing off what it's referring to as 'the world's first Bluetooth-connected dash cam' - the 322GW.

Fancy features are all well and good, but what really matters when it comes to buying a dash cam is whether its footage is any good. We'll find this out once we've put the Nextbase Series 2 dash cams through our full lab test - we'll have results in July.

Keep reading to see what separates each model.

Nextbase 122 (£49) - the cheapest option

The Nextbase 122 is the cheapest dash cam in the Series 2 range. This entry-level driving buddy films 720p video at 30fps at a 120-degree viewing angle. You can see what's being captured on a 2-inch screen.

Even if you opt for this cheap model, you'll still get access to free cloud storage through the Nextbase website. Support for Intelligent Parking Mode is included, too - the camera will kick into action if it detects a bump while you're away from your vehicle.

With this being a budget dash cam, you won't get shiny extras, such as Alexa support and Emergency Response mode. Those perks have been saved for pricier Nextbase models.

We'll see if its footage is any good once we've put it through our full lab test.

For more details on what to expect from this affordable dash cam, see our Nextbase 122 overview.

Nextbase 322GW (£99) - the mid-range model

This Bluetooth dash cam follows in the footsteps of the Nextbase iN-CAR CAM 312GW Deluxe. It fits neatly into the middle of the Series 2 range, pairing a sub-£100 price tag with GPS and wi-fi functionality.

The 322GW films the road ahead in Full HD (1080p) or 720p at 60fps. It has a slightly wider field of vision than the Nextbase 122, with a 140-degree viewing angle.

You'll be flicking through menus on a slightly larger 2.5-inch touchscreen, too.

Nextbase says the 322GW is the first dash cam with Emergency SOS. It has the brains to alert the emergency services in the event of an incident where the driver is unresponsive.

To access the service (and to enter in your medical history) you'll first need to configure the MyNextbase Connect smartphone app.

To see what else this dash cam has to offer, head over to our Nextbase 322GW overview.

Nextbase 522GW (£149) - the leader of the pack (on paper)

Like the 322GW and 422GW, Nextbase's priciest dash cam in the Series 2 range has GPS and wi-fi functionality. Its list of tricks includes Alexa support, Emergency SOS and Bluetooth support.

Considering the price, it's no surprise that the 522GW dash cam has the highest-spec camera of the lot. It films in 1440p HD at 30fps or 1080p HD at 60fps, with footage captured by a 140-degree lens.

You can save clips by tapping on the large, 3-inch display.

Bluetooth support on the Nextbase 522GW means your videos can quickly be sent to your smartphone or tablet. Clips can be edited right though the smartphone app.

We'll find out how it measures up against its rivals once we've put it through our lab test.

If you're willing to spend more than £100 on a dash cam, should the Nextbase 522GW be at the top of your 'maybe' pile? Find out more with our Nextbase 522GW overview.

Need some more options? Alongside the three Nextbase dash cams above, we also have details on the Nextbase 222 (£69) and Nextbase 422GW (£129).

Save money on an older dash cam

With new Nextbase dash cams hitting the shelves, now could be a great time to grab a deal on an older model.

First-gen Nextbase cameras will slowly be phased out from retailers, but some savvy online shopping could see you rewarded with a real bargain. Use the links below to find out which dash cams are worth buying.

Prices taken from Amazon UK. Correct as of June 2019.

The Nextbase Series 2 dash cams are currently making their way to our test lab. We'll let you know if they're worthy of Best Buy status in July.

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