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6 May 2021

Peloton treadmills safety recall in UK: what you need to know

Owners of the Peloton Tread should stop using their treadmills immediately and seek a refund or repair after Peloton highlights safety risks
Peloton Tread

Peloton has warned that touchscreens on Peloton Tread treadmills may 'become loose and fall off, posing a risk of injury'. It says there have been approximately 12 reports of minor injuries in the UK.

The Peloton Tread was released in the UK in December 2020. All owners should stop using their machines immediately and seek a refund or repair.

The news comes shortly after a US product safety regulator called for Peloton to recall the Tread+, a model only sold in the US, due to reports of injuries and fatalities.

Peloton has now recalled all of its treadmills in the US and the UK.

I own a Peloton Tread; what should I do?

You should stop using it and don't allow anybody else to use your Peloton Tread either.

Owners have two options for redress:

  • Full refund: Peloton Tread owners are entitled to their money back in full through the Tread refund request form. You can also contact Peloton's customer services team at 0808 169 6469.
  • Free repairs: Peloton is working to make a repair available in the coming weeks, free of charge, though the timescale for this is not clear.

Read our advice on your rights if there's a safety warning or product recall.

Peloton's response to safety issues in US and UK

Peloton shop front

The reasons for the recall for the Tread are different from those for the US-only Tread+ recall. There have been reports in the US of children being injured or, in one instance, killed after being pulled under the moving track of the Tread+.

US product safety regulator, the CSPC, first raised concerns about the safety of the Tread+ on 17 April 2021, and called on Peloton to recall it. At the time, Peloton CEO John Foley resisted this request; you can read full details in a previous statement from Peloton's CEO.

However, on May 5 2021, Peloton announced a US recall on the Tread+ because of these issues, and acknowledged that it had made a mistake in its initial response.

It simultaneously recalled the Tread, which is available in both the US and UK, due to the Tread's faulty display.

Tread recall in UK

Peloton has published a statement on the UK Tread recall on its website. It also shared FAQs with further details of the safety risks of the Peloton Tread.

In its statement, the company says 'We are announcing an important safety update concerning the Peloton Tread. For Peloton members, this means they should stop using their Tread and ensure that no one else uses it because the touchscreen may become loose and fall off, posing a risk of injury.'

'Approximately 12 minor injuries such as abrasions, cuts or bruises have been reported in the UK and all are expected to recover from their injuries. No fatalities have occurred with the Tread.'

Our advice on the Consumer Protection Act 1987 explains your rights in relation to faulty products, including your right to claim compensation if a faulty product causes bodily harm.

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