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6 Mar 2018

Rare new 10p coins: can you collect all 26 from A-Z?

Check for your change for the new 10p designs

A new series of 10p coins have been released into circulation today by the Royal Mint, featuring the A-Z of British icons - and with a limited release, are these set to become valuable collector's items?

Each of the 26 different designs features a symbol of 'what makes Britain great', according to the Royal Mint - from the Angel of the North through to zebra crossings.

Previous limited edition coins - including a set celebrating the London Olympic Games - have turned into sought-after collector's items. Which? explains the latest release and whether they're likely to rise in value.

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What is the new A-Z of Britain coin set?

The new set of 26 designs will grace the 10p coin.

The Royal Mint asked the public to vote on their favourite British symbols to include in the collection - so, for example, cricket gained 48% of the votes for the most British sport, beating out football (29%) and rugby (6%).

Similarly, James Bond was voted as the most British fictional character with 48% of the votes, ahead of Harry Potter (11%), Del Boy (11%) and Miss Marple (6%).

But Britons were in agreement on their beverage of choice - tea was chosen as the most iconic drink by 86% of voters, well ahead of any other contenders.

List of A-Z of Britain 10p coin designs

Below, you can see the full list of A-Z of Britain 10p coin designs.

How can I get an A-Z of Britain 10p coin?

The full set of coins are being released into circulation today, with selected Post Office beginning to distribute them during transactions - so start keeping an eye on your change.

The Royal Mint will release additional coins in relevant locations throughout the UK in 2018.

You'll also be able to buy uncirculated collector's editions from the Royal Mint website - the full set will cost you £52.

How rare is the A-Z of Britain collection?

Around 2.6 million coins have been released, approximately 100,000 per letter - though more could be produced in coming months.

At this point, it's not clear how much the coins could be worth or how in-demand they are likely to be.

But with such a small mintage per design, there's a possibility the designs could come to rival some of the rarest coins in the market.

As a point of comparison, the rarest coin currently in circulation - the Kew Gardens 50p - had a mintage of 210,000.

The collection has been compared to the set of 50ps released to celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Several of these designs - including the Football and Judo coins - are now among the most sought-after by coin collectors, according to Change Checker.

What is the Great British Coin Hunt?

The hunt is on to collect the full set of A-Z of Britain coins, and the Royal Mint is encouraging coin enthusiasts to check their change and catalogue their finds.

If you're keen to complete your set, you can download the Great British Coin Hunt app via the App Store or Google Play.

The app - released by the Royal Mint - will allow you to track your collection and show you where in the country the most coins are being found. You can also connect with fellow collectors to trade designs and complete your set.