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11 Feb 2022

Safety alert: Dunelm and Cosatto sleeping bags recalled

14 baby sleeping bags are being recalled due to a choking risk from detachable poppers
Baby in a sleeping bag in a cot

A voluntary recall has been issued by Dunelm for selected Cosatto and Dunelm baby sleeping bags due to a potential choking risk.

The poppers used on these baby sleeping bags may become detached, causing a small parts hazard.

This means that the product does not meet product safety regulations.

The affected baby sleeping bags were sold by Dunelm, both instore and online, in various designs.

Read on to find out which baby sleeping bags are affected and what to do if you've purchased one.

Which baby sleeping bags are affected?

Below is a list of the Dunelm and Cosatto (sold via Dunelm) baby sleeping bag designs that have been recalled, along with their barcodes.

We spoke to Cosatto, who made us aware that the affected Cosatto baby sleeping bags are licensed products. This means that Cosatto has given another manufacturer permission to use its designs.

Sleeping bags with these Cosatto designs are also sold via other online retailers, such as Amazon and Wayfair. It is not yet known if these products are also impacted by the choking risk.

We're in contact with Cosatto and will update this story once we know more, but at the time of publishing only products sold by Dunelm with barcodes listed below are affected:


  • Doodle Dino Sleep Bag - barcodes: 5057722733063/ 5057722733070
  • Ditsy Bunny Sleep Bag - barcodes: 5057722733148/ 5057722733155
  • Jersey Cloud Sleep Bag Pink - barcodes: 5057722733186/ 5057722733193
  • Jersey Cloud Sleep Bag Grey - barcodes: 5057722733162/ 5057722733179


  • Dragon Kingdom Baby Sleep Bag - barcodes: 5055161664481/5055161664498/ 5055161664504
  • Mister Fox Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5055161664818/ 5055161664825/5055161664832
  • Happy Stars Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5055161664702/5055161664719/ 5055161664726
  • Fairy Clouds Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5055161664610/5055161664603/ 5055161664597
  • Monster Mob Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5055161664931/5055161664924
  • Unicorn land Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5055161665051/5055161665044/ 5055161665037
  • Sea Monster Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5056387720111/5056387720128/ 5056387720135
  • Fairy Garden Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5056387719993/5056387720005/ 5056387720012
  • Crocodile Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5056387720050/ 5056387720067/5056387720074
  • Big Cats Baby Sleeping Bag - barcodes: 5056387719931/ 5056387719948/5056387719955
Baby sleeping bags recalled by Dunelm

What you should do if you own an affected baby sleeping bag

Customers who purchased one of the affected baby sleeping bags from Dunelm are advised to stop using them immediately. They should be returned to your nearest Dunelm store for a full refund.

You can find your nearest Dunelm store via their Store Finder.

Baby sleeping in cot

Which? testing uncovers unsafe baby sleeping bags

Which? routinely carries out testing to uncover products that could be dangerous for your baby or child.

A previous Which? Investigation found safety issues with 12 out of 15 baby sleeping bags from well-known brands and online marketplaces.

The safety problems we uncovered included neck openings that were too wide, which could lead to a baby slipping down into the bag and suffocating, and inaccurate tog ratings, which could lead to a baby seriously overheating. Many bags didn't provide key safety information in the instructions.

Following our investigation, Amazon, AliExpress and eBay removed all of the baby sleeping bags that failed our tests from their sites.

Natalie Hitchins, Which? head of home products and services, said: 'Parents will find it completely unacceptable that our investigation has found such a high number of dangerous products that could pose a potentially life-threatening risk to their baby as it sleeps.

'Consumers must be able to trust that if they buy a product in the UK from a well-known retailer or online marketplace that it will be safe and meet the safety standards required in this country.