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25 Jun 2019

Samsung winding down support for Galaxy S7: here are three great-value upgrades

If you own an S7, now might be the time to consider a new model

Samsung is winding down security support for the popular Galaxy S7 smartphone, after downgrading the frequency of updates.

The Samsung Android Security Updates page shows that the S7 has been moved to the 'other regular security updates' category, which means updates are reviewed on a periodic basis and are likely to be less frequent than the models that sit in the 'quarterly' and 'monthly' categories.

Being more than three years old, if you own an S7 you may already be considering an upgrade. We've picked three great-value alternatives, and look at whether you're better off buying Sim-free or on contract.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 - £450

While the Galaxy S10 is the modern, natural successor to the S7, the Galaxy S9 is better value for money, having dropped significantly in price since its launch.

Shop around and you can find it for £450 Sim-free - a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than the S10, or around £35 per month on contract.

What are you missing out on? Largely an upgraded camera. The S10 features three rear cameras to the S9's one, including a 2x optical zoom telephoto lens and ultra-wide angle lens.

It also has a refreshed design that makes for a bigger display thanks to the 'hole punch' style bezel, and there's a slightly bigger battery, although this is no guarantee of better battery life. Overall, if value is more important to you than photography, the S9 could be an ideal upgrade.

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Oppo RX17 Pro - £450

If cameras are important, it's not essential to pay top whack for a flagship model from a major brand. Rivals such as Oppo are becoming increasingly popular in the UK for offering impressive specs at a relatively low price.

You can currently find it for around the same price as the S9 - £450 Sim-free, or about £35 per month on contract.

For this you do get an array of camera lenses - a 12Mp wide-angle and 20Mp rear camera, along with a beefy 25Mp front camera for selfies. It also offers something called Super VOOC Flash Charge and claims to charge incredibly quickly - up to 40% in 10 minutes, in fact.

Motorola Moto G7 Power - £179

When it comes to value, Motorola is still one of the most popular brands around. The Moto G7 Power may have a modest price tag, but its specifications are anything but.

At just £179, or around £25 per month, you'll get a large 6.2-inch display, the latest version of Android (9.0 Pie) and, most importantly, an absolutely massive battery.

The Moto G7 Power looks to live up to its name with a 5,000mAh battery (compare this with the 3,400 of Samsung's flagship S10, or 3,000mAh of the S7) that promises all-day battery life and then some. In short, if a phone that lasts longer is high on your list, the Moto G7 Power is definitely worth a look.

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Should you get a contract or buy a Sim-free phone?

If you're considering an upgrade, the most important decision to make (other than which handset to buy) is whether to go contract or Sim-free. Traditionally, Sim-free was always the best way to get a better deal - a hefty expense up front, but you save in the long term and get the option to switch your Sim around to get the best value for your bundle.

That's not always the case, though, and contract deals are becoming ever-more competitive. If you don't mind being tied down to one provider for 18 months or more, this might be your best bet.

We can take the guesswork out of this for you - browse around for a good Sim-free and contract price on a phone you're considering, and use our handy tool below to find out which will get you the best value.