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Updated: 16 Nov 2021

Smarty vs Lebara: who is the best value low-cost Sim provider?

As cheap Sims go, they don't get much cheaper than Smarty and Lebara. But how do the providers stack up elsewhere?

The two newest entries into our mobile network survey, Smarty and Lebara, have built a reputation for offering no nonsense, low-cost Sim-only deals.

But what else do they bring to the table, and how do they fare on measures such as customer service and support? We take a look at the deals from both providers to see what's on offer.

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Who is Smarty?

Smarty is Three's low-cost Sim-only division, where the provider focuses on cheap deals as opposed to added benefits or more expensive contract deals. It has been going for just under four years and gained popularity in part due to its extremely cost-effective deals.

Smarty's main selling point is its 'data discount' deals, where you are refunded for data you have not used over 1GB (which costs £6) at a cost of 1p per MB, up to a maximum of £3 if you take the 3GB for £8 package and use 1GB or less.

All deals with Smarty do not require a credit check and are 30-day flexible plans.

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What are the best Smarty Sim-only deals?

Smarty deals are typically very inexpensive, costing between £6 for 1GB of data and £16 for unlimited data.

In the table below, we have listed all the deals currently available. All Smarty deals come with unlimited calls and texts.

Find out what coverage is like with Smarty's Three connection, or Lebara's on Vodafone, using our mobile network coverage map.

Who is Lebara Mobile?

Lebara Mobile is well known as a virtual network, having been around for a while now in the UK. Historically it is known for offering a cheap international call service, but in recent years has stepped up a domestic offering as a low-cost Sim-only provider. Lebara uses Vodafone's network for its signal.

Lebara still offer minutes to over 40 countries including Australia, India, New Zealand and USA as well as free-roaming in India up to certain amounts. All deals are 30-days and do not require a credit check.

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What are the best Lebara Sim-only deals?

Lebara deals can cost as little as £3.99, with packages starting at 1GB. We have again listed all the Sim-only deals Lebara currently has.

1GB250 (50 intl minutes)£3.99
3GBUnlimited (50 intl minutes)£4.99
4GBUnlimited (100 intl minutes)£5.99
14GBUnlimited (100 intl minutes)£6.99
20GBUnlimited (100 intl minutes)£8.99
12GBUnlimited (500 intl minutes)£10
30GBUnlimited (Unlimited intl minutes)£15

How to switch mobile provider

Switching mobile provider is easier than it has ever been yet many people still remain loyal when they could be getting better value elsewhere.

If you're out of contract there's a good chance you could switch and save, and if you opt for 30-day contracts at providers like Smarty and Lebara, this gives you even more flexibility to move around as your situation changes.

Read our in-depth guide on how to switch mobile provider for advice whether you're in or out of contract, and on how to make sure you get a good signal with a new provider.