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30 Jun 2019

The best cooling mattresses for coping with a heatwave

Beat the heat with these pocket-sprung mattresses from the likes of John Lewis and Sleepeezee

It finally feels like summer, with temperatures this weekend topping 30°C in parts of the UK. But tossing and turning in bed on a stiflingly hot night is nobody's idea of fun.

What you may not realise is that your mattress can make all the difference to how hot you feel. We test the insulation inside every mattress we review to help you pick the right one for your body temperature.

So before you resort to keeping hot water bottles in the freezer, read on to discover some of the best mattresses for staying cool and comfortable in bed.

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Three of the coolest mattresses

Genuinely cool mattresses aren't always easy to find. Of the 135 mattresses we've tested, we've identified just 18 that feel cool to lie on.

The three mattresses we've picked out below are among them, meaning you can count on them to help keep you cool during spells of warm weather.

We've highlighted some of the coolest mattresses - but good temperature control isn't the only thing that matters in a mattress.

Read our reviews of all the cool mattresses we've tested to find out which ones are comfortable to lie on and will provide the support your spine needs for years to come.

Prices are for a standard double mattress and are correct as of 27 June 2019.

Ikea Hamarvik - £120

This cheap Ikea mattress is proof that cooler mattresses don't have to be expensive. In fact, the price looks a little too good to be true, even if it does have a slightly more basic open-spring structure, rather than full-blown pocket springs. But we've found that mattresses don't need to be luxurious to provide excellent and long-lasting support for your spine.

Read our Ikea mattress review for our expert verdict.

John Lewis Classic Collection Ortho Support 1000 - £399

We've tested more cool mattresses from John Lewis than any other brand, and this one is among the coolest and cheapest.

Unlike many modern mattresses, this one is two-sided so you'll need to flip it regularly. It has a pocket-spring core, and all the additional comfort layers are made from natural materials, such as wool. But lots of mattresses with similar structures struggle with sagging in our durability tests.

Find out whether this one can stand the test of time in our John Lewis mattress review.

Sleepeezee SuperFirm 1600 - £460

Don't assume that mattresses containing foam or memory foam always feel warmer to lie on. This one contains layers of foam on either side of the pocket-sprung core, but it's still one of the coolest mattresses we've seen. It's also one of the firmest.

Read our Sleepeezee mattress review to see whether it provides good support for your size and preferred sleeping position.

Why you can trust our mattress warmth ratings

We don't just rely on the subjective opinion of our mattress testers after lying on each mattress - we go the extra mile with our tests, so you can be sure you're picking the right mattress for your body temperature.

We use a climactic chamber where the temperature and humidity is always consistent. Then we apply heat to the mattress and measure how much it absorbs. The coolest mattresses let most of the heat pass through, while the warmest store it up.

Our warmth test is just one of many we perform on every mattress we test. Find out more about how we test mattresses.