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22 Mar 2021

The cheap Best Buy laundry capsules that could save you £27 a year

We've found a brilliant own-brand laundry detergent that could significantly cut your laundry costs
Woman looking into a washing machine with laundry

Our latest laundry tests have uncovered supermarket own-brand laundry capsules that will leave your clothes clean and bright for almost half the price of branded rivals.

We pitted laundry capsules from big brands - including Ariel and Fairy - against own-brand offerings from major supermarkets.

Three out of the 13 tested scored well enough to be Best Buys. All three were good at removing stains, keeping whites bright and preventing colours from fading, but one supermarket Best Buy does all this for almost half the price per wash of its branded equivalent.

Not all detergent capsules proved so impressive, though. Three flunked our cleaning tests so badly that we've made them Don't Buy laundry detergents.

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Clean clothes for less

Doing the laundry is unlikely to be the highlight of your week, but the chore could be made even worse knowing it's costing you more than it needs to.

A difference of a few pennies per wash may seem inconsequential, but it can really add up over time. In fact, if you do four loads of laundry a week, switching from the priciest laundry capsules we tested to our cheapest Best Buy could mean a saving of more than £27 over the course of a year.

Check out our laundry detergent reviews to get the lowdown on which detergents will save you money and clean your clothes effectively, and which ones are best to avoid - such as the Don't Buy laundry capsules that scored a woeful 36%.

Going for one of these low-scoring laundry detergents will leave you having to re-wash stained items, and even then there's no guarantee it will get the job done.

Latest laundry detergent reviews

Below are all of the laundry capsules from our latest tests.

If a brand you want to see is missing, that's likely because the product was being reformulated at the time of testing, which meant that we couldn't include it.

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How to 'green' your laundry routine

Washing machine at 30 degrees

All of the eco laundry capsules we planned to include were being reformulated at the time of testing, which meant we couldn't include them.

Although we don't have specific eco laundry capsules to recommend this time around, these tips can help you reduce your carbon footprint when you're washing your clothes.

1. Full loadAim to wash a full load of laundry each time to ensure you don't waste energy.

2. Lower the temperatureSwitching the temperature from 40°C to 30°C could save as much as 38% energy, while going down to 20°C could reduce the amount of energy used by 62%. What's more, lowering the temperature doesn't mean you need to compromise on cleaning power. Unless you're washing really soiled clothes, modern machines (particularly our Best Buy washing machines) will still do a good job most of the time. The only things to note are that tough protein stains, such as blood, won't be cleaned as well at 30°C, and synthetic fibres need more heat for a thorough clean. Switching to a liquid will help, too. We found that tough stains lifted more easily with a liquid than a powder at 30°C and 20°C.

3. Don't overdo itIt's easy to use more detergent than you actually need. Soft water, smaller loads and lightly soiled clothes need less, so check the instructions and use as little as possible to avoid waste.