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2 Aug 2018

Vype eTank Pro and Vype eTank Pro battery recalled due to safety risk

E-cigarette manufacturer says the device has the potential to short-circuit

The Vype eTank Pro and the battery for the Vype eTank Pro, which are sold at Argos and Sainsbury's, have the potential to short-circuit.

The manufacturer has issued a recall of specific batches of these products and advises you to check your product's code.

If you have a model that is being recalled, Electrical Safety First advises that you stop using it immediately.

Make sure you know your rights - check out our consumer advice guide on product recalls.

Which Vype e-cigarettes are affected?

Check your Vype e-cigarette's product code to see if you have one of the affected models.

The code can be found on the top of the battery. You access the top of the battery by screwing off the device's clearomiser (the bit that you vape out of).

If your product code is any of the following, then you'll need to return it:

  • I6J19MAECetp1
  • I6J19AAECetp1
  • I6J19NAECetp1
  • I6J20MAECetp1
  • I6J20AAECetp1
  • I6K09MAECetp1
  • I6K09AAECetp1
  • I6K09NAECetp1
  • I6K10MAECetp1
  • I6K10AAECetp1
  • I6K10NAECetp1
  • I6K11MAECetp1
  • I6K11AAECetp1
  • I6K11NAECetp1
  • I6K12MAECetp1
  • I6L09MAECetp1
  • I6L09AAECetp1
  • I6L14MAECetp1
  • I6L14AAECetp1
  • I6L14NAECetp1
  • I7A04MAECetp1
  • I7A04AAECetp1
  • I7A04NAECetp1
  • I7A05MAECetp1
  • I7A05AAECetp1
  • I7A05NAECetp1
  • I7A07MAECetp1
  • I7A07AAECetp1
  • I7A07NAECetp1
  • I7A08MAECetp1

How do I get a refund?

If you've bought a model with one of the batch numbers listed above, then Vype will offer you a refund or replacement.

You can contact Vype by email at etankpro@govype.com orby phone on 0800 520 0150.

Curious about your consumer rights? Head to our dedicatedconsumer rights advice guide.