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28 Jun 2022

Watch: how to fold a t-shirt in just three seconds

We'll show you how to quickly and neatly fold your t-shirts so they're crease-free and easy to store

If your bedroom drawers are stuffed full of clothes to the point where they won't close properly, re-thinking the way you fold will make a big difference. Our step-by-step guide explains how you can get the job done quickly.

To help you keep your drawers organised, we've put together a video showing off some popular t-shirt folding techniques – have a look if you want to avoid pulling a wrinkled t-shirt out of a messy wardrobe.

Folding aside, we've also recently tested a selection of clothes steamers, uncovering a couple of Best Buy models along the way. Keep scrolling for the details.

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What's the best way to fold and store t-shirts?

One popular folding method involves laying out your t-shirts so that they sit in your drawer vertically. As they stand up, you can open up your drawers and instantly see everything you've tucked inside.

Give it a go by working through these steps:

  1. Lay your t-shirt face down on a flat surface.
  2. Fold both sides in as far as the neckline, folding the arms back on themselves to make a long, neat rectangle.
  3. Fold your t-shirt almost in half, leaving a small gap at the bottom.
  4. Fold in thirds so you're left with a small rectangle that can stand up by itself.

If you've done the job correctly, you can go ahead and store all of your t-shirts in a satisfyingly neat row, as shown below.

T-shirts folded in a drawer

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Quickly fold t-shirts using the pinch method

To fold up your t-shirts in record time, you might want to give the 'pinch method' a go – do it correctly and you'll be able to get through each shirt in just three seconds.

To try the pinch method for yourself follow these steps:

  1. Lay your t-shirt flat on a surface, facing upwards. Position yourself so the neck of the shirt is on your right.
  2. Picture a line going straight down your t-shirt, between the collar and the shoulder.
  3. With your right hand, pinch the top of that line and grip both layers of the t-shirt.
  4. With your left hand, pinch halfway down that invisible line and grip both layers of the t-shirt.
  5. Cross your right hand over your left hand and pinch the bottom of that invisible line as well.
  6. Lift the t-shirt so it's hanging in front of you and then uncross your arms.
  7. Use your flat surface to fold the t-shirt back on itself to give you the perfect fold.

You might find that it takes a couple of attempts to perfect your technique, but with enough practice you'll be folding like a pro. If you need a visual walkthrough, watch the video at the top of this page.

The best way to wash a cotton t-shirt

Cotton has a habit of shrinking, so it's best to wash your cottons on a cold cycle, making sure to load the machine with items of a similar colour. 

By using a cold cycle, you also prevent the dyes from fading or bleeding onto your other clothes. It uses less energy, so it's cheaper too.

Make sure you avoid hot temperatures during the washing and drying process when dealing with cotton, and avoid overloading your machine – if it's packed with clothes, friction will cause damage to the fibres of your clothes.

For more handy tips on how to keep your clothes looking their best, consult our expert guide on how to wash clothes.

Is using a clothes steamer better than ironing?

If you don't fancy setting up an ironing board every time you tackle your washing, you might be considering a clothes steamer. 

These handheld gadgets, also known as garment steamers, can help you remove stubborn creases and won't take up much space in your cupboard.

Clothes steamers are lighter and easier to use compared to a steam iron, but they're generally better at removing the odd crease, and won't quite give the same smoothness you get from ironing. 

However they are ideal for travelling and useful for removing creases from delicate and difficult to iron clothes.

To see which clothes steamers will effectively banish wrinkles from your favourite clothes, we've recently tested eight different models costing less than £100.

The best of the bunch gave us near-perfect results when dealing with silk, linen and cotton, despite not having the highest steam rate. However, we also saw one clothes steamer that continued to leak water after we'd finished using it.

Thinking of buying a clothes steamer? Before you do, check in with our guide to the best clothes steamers.

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