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23 Aug 2015

Why Sky Go is no longer working on Google Chrome, and what to do about it

Sky Go, the on-demand viewing platform for Sky TV, recently stopped working in Google Chrome. Here's why.

If you have a Sky TV subscription, you're automatically given access to its on-demand service Sky Go, which allows you to watch programmes on asmartphone, tablet, desktop PCorlaptop. But not- or at least not any more - if you're one of the millions of people who use Chrome, Google's hugely popular web browser.

This is becauseSky Go requiresa plugin called Microsoft Silverlight in order to work, and Google recently stopped supportingSilverlight as a way ofdisplayingonline interactive content, switchingto the far more popular HTML 5.

As a result, Sky Go no longer works in the desktop version of the Chrome browser. Sky's current stance on the matter is that it has no intention of changing Sky Go, meaning that for the foreseeable future it will stay inaccessible on Chrome. We've reached out to Sky for a comment and some clarification, but have yet to receive a response.

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How to get Sky Go working on your computer again

So, what can you do about it? Sadly,you're powerlessto get it working in Chrome again. It's simply not going to happen until Sky decides to change something. That leaves you with two options.

1) Use a different web browser

It's a pain, we know, particularly if you only ever use Chrome, but it's a simple enough solution. Just go togo.sky.com as you normally would, but use a browser such as Internet Explorer,Firefox, Opera or Safari. If you're using Windows 10, be warned that the new Edge browser doesn't support Silverlight either (yes, Microsoft's own browser doesn't support Microsoft's own plugin).

2) Download Sky Go Desktop

Your other alternative is to download the dedicated desktop app. It offers largely the same functionality as the Sky Go web page with a couple of additional features. It allows you to save programmes to watch offline, and you can also access it via another internet-capable device (like your smartphone)to download programmes when you're out and about.