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British Airways reveals 185,000 more passengers could be affected by cyber attack

More British Airways customers have been contacted as part of a cyber attack which accessed passenger's personal data earlier this year. Which? shares how to find out if you're part of the breach and what to do if you’re affected.

Schedule padding: Is this why air travel is getting slower?

Scheduled flight times are up to 35 minutes slower this summer than 10 years ago, a Which? Travel investigation has revealed. Despite advances in air travel, 76 out of the...

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Fewer than 500 Ryanair passengers awarded compensation by complaints body in 2017

With Ryanair saying it won’t pay compensation for its latest round of cancellations, passengers will have to take their claims to Aviation ADR, the airline’s dispute resolution handler. Yet new Which? Travel research...

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Want more legroom on your next long-haul flight? Try a budget airline

New long-haul budget airlines are challenging traditional carriers on legroom in economy, as well as ticket price. Which? Travel research found that passengers searching for bigger seats with more legroom...

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Online travel agents that demand more money after you’ve booked

A Which? Travel investigation has found some online travel agents are luring holidaymakers in with ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deals, before ramping up prices. In some cases, prices have rocketed during the booking...

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Ryanair free check-in window shrinks from four days to 48 hours

From 13 June, it will not be possible to check in for free with Ryanair until 48 hours before your flight. Passengers who want to check in before that will...

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Passengers still having to fight for flight delay compensation

Some fliers have had to take airlines to court to receive flight delay compensation, even after using new, government-promoted dispute resolution schemes. One severely delayed passenger told Which? Travel that...

‘Low-cost’ flights, hotels and hire-cars not always the cheapest option

There’s never been a better time to travel. But it pays to look twice at bargain flights, hotels or car hire. Thanks to the low-cost airline revolution it’s not unusual...

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British Airways launches hand-baggage only fares on long-haul

BA is introducing a new ‘basic fare’ on 10 routes from London. Passengers who choose it will no longer be allowed to check-in luggage for free, or decide where they...

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Ryanair currency rip-off

Brits who book flights from abroad to the UK are at risk of paying extra when they fly with Ryanair.  Like most airlines, Ryanair automatically shows the price of your ticket...

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