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Top five best espresso coffee machines

By Yvette Fletcher

Don't waste money on a model that doesn't suit your needs - our round up reveals the best espresso coffee machine for you.

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Best espresso coffee machines

A good espresso coffee machine will produce a tasty coffee for you quickly and easily, without giving you a headache from all the noise it makes. Buy a bad coffee machine and you'll be throwing your money away twice: on the machine itself and on the disappointingly watery espresso coffee it leaves you with.

To help you find the best espresso coffee machine - however you like your brews - we've rounded up the top-scoring models in five categories. And because they've all gone through Which?'s rigorous lab testing, you can rest assured that no matter which of these Best Buy coffee machines you go for, you'll end up with delicious coffee. 

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Top five espresso coffee machines
  Why we love it Coffee taste test Cappuccino Score

Best capsule coffee machine

This capsule-only coffee machine produces full-bodied, rich espressos with a plentiful golden crema. It scored five stars for taste, appearance and aroma in our tough lab tests.

It's straightforward to operate, and if you have only limited room on your kitchen worktop, you'll be delighted by how little space this super-compact machine takes up.

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N/A 85%

Best bean-to-cup coffee machine

Whether you prefer to buy beans or grounds, this machine brews smooth, aromatic espressos that really impressed our expert testers.

It doesn't stop at short coffees though - this machine has an excellent frothing function that allows you to prepare cappuccinos and lattes, too.

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Best traditional (ground coffee) machine

This stylish coffee machine is available in a variety of colours and would look good in almost any kitchen.

But this isn't a case of style over substance. The rich, strong, easy-to-make espressos this machine produces help to make it the highest-scoring machine we've tested.

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Cheapest Best Buy coffee machine

This capsule coffee machine is our cheapest Best Buy. It's available in a variety of colours, makes a variety of drinks, such as tea and hot chocolate, and is straightforward to use.

It makes a good espresso and, although it doesn't have a steaming pipe for frothing milk, you can buy cappuccino capsules, which were rated highly by our expert.

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Best coffee machine for cappuccino lovers

Our expert tester was blown away by the cappuccinos this machine makes. They were described as 'quite classic' and 'very enjoyable' with a proper coffee flavour and froth.

The machine uses capsules and will automatically stop before your cup overflows and switch off when it hasn't been used for a while - good for your bills and your kitchen.

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Which? tests more coffee machines than anyone else

When we test coffee machines, our coffee-tasting expert Giles Hilton blind tastes coffee from every machine, and rates the flavour, crema, texture and aroma. As well as testing how good the coffee is, we also measure noise, how long the machine takes to make an espresso, the temperature of the coffee produced and how good it is at frothing and steaming milk for drinks like cappuccino.

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