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Which dishwasher brand?

Top 10 dishwasher brands for 2017

By Yvette Fletcher

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Discover the best and worst dishwasher brands, according to our independent test lab reviews and survey of thousands of dishwasher owners.

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We’ve tested hundreds of dishwashers in the Which? lab to discover the ones that will leave your crockery and cutlery squeaky clean – and which will fail to shift grime, leave your dishes wet and guzzle energy. 

We've also collected the views of thousands of dishwasher owners to find out which brands give lasting satisfaction and reliability. All this has given us an unrivalled understanding of what each of the big dishwasher brands tends to do well and what proves a stumbling block. 

If you're looking for full reviews of specific models, head straight to our dishwasher reviews.

Below, we share what we’ve learnt about the big dishwasher brands – such as Bosch, Hotpoint, Indesit and Miele – to bring you the top dishwasher brands of 2017. Discover the brands that should give you unrivalled cleaning over a number of years, and those that could prove a costly waste of money.

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Dishwasher brands rated
Brand name Average test score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
81% 88% With seven Best Buys, this brand's dishwashers tend to excel in our tests. It's very well regarded by Which? members, too, scoring highly in both our reliability and customer satisfaction surveys. This brand is pricier than some rivals, but these results show that it is a worthwhile investment.
71% 79% Plenty of models from this brand have scored well in our tests, but there are some exceptions that narrowly miss out. It scores highly for reliability, which means a machine from this brand should remain fault-free longer than most.
69% 83% This brand has a great track record of producing machines that clean and dry well, and has a great reputation with Which? members. Not all of its models earn top marks for noise or convenience, though. So it's worth exploring this brand's reviews to find the right model for your needs.
78% 78% Definitely worth your consideration. Its full-sized dishwashers tend to do very well in our tests, with many scoring highly for energy use. The brand's reliability score means its dishwashers are less likely to develop faults.
61% 70% While the models from this brand generally score lower, there are some Best Buy gems that are particularly good at leaving dishes sparkling clean and dry. It managed a good reliability score, but other brands have higher scores from Which? members.
61% 67% Dishwashers from this brand don't tend to earn the highest scores in our tests, but Which? members consider it a decent option – it earned a respectable customer satisfaction score. However, its reliability score is about average.
M   62% N/A This brand tends to be an unremarkable choice when it comes to dishwashers. Two models scored highly in our tests, but other have narrowly missed being Don't Buys due to poor cleaning. Its customer satisfaction score also isn't particularly impressive.
M   66% N/A Several dishwashers have earned Best Buy status as they clean and dry well, and are frugal with the energy use. Other models from this brand are marked much lower due to their noise and how difficult they are to load. The reliability score is average, too.
70% 64% Models from this brand do fairly well in our customer satisfaction survey, and it also earned a respectable reliability score. However, its dishwashers have mixed results in our tests – while some are brilliant, others are mediocre.
63% N/A Not a brand favoured by Which? members for reliability: it earned the lowest reliability score. Test scores between its individual models vary quite a lot – one has scored very highly while another is a Don't Buy.
Table notes
The customer score and brand reliability rating are based on a Which? member survey conducted in October 2016 of 2,047 dishwasher owners. The customer score is based on whether members would recommend the brand to a friend, and reliability is based on members' experience of that brand. Average test score is an average percentage based on the amount of model tested per brand under our 2010 test programme.


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Choosing the best brand of dishwasher

Thousands of Which? members have told us how happy they are (or not) with their brand of dishwasher, including owners of Beko, Bosch, Hotpoint, John Lewis, Miele and Zanussi dishwashers. And we've found big differences between the best and the worst brands.

The top dishwasher brand of 2017 gets a full five stars for reliability and has an impressive number of Best Buys to its name. It's the dishwasher brand that has the highest customer satisfaction, and owners are more likely to recommend it than any other dishwasher brand. 

By contrast, the lowest-scoring brand is the only one to score just two stars out of five for reliability of its dishwashers and just 55% for customer satisfaction. One of the dishwashers we've previously reviewed from this brand scored so badly in our tests that we named it a Don't Buy dishwasher

How we calculate the best and worst brands

Our average tests scores are collated from all of our dishwasher reviews test results since 2010.

We calculate our reliability scores based on the proportion of dishwashers with problems per brand in our customer survey. The results are weighted so that more-serious problems account for more of the score, and we adjust the scores to account for the age of the dishwasher, so that older models don't have an unfair influence. Our star ratings in the table offer an at-a-glance comparison of dishwasher brands' reliability. 

The customer score reflects how satisfied owners are with their dishwasher brand and how likely they would be to recommend it to someone else.