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Updated: 20 Jan 2022

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy ceased trading on 18 January 2022. If you have been affected, find out what to do below
Tom Morgan
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Bristol Energy was a gas and electricity provider supplying the national domestic and business market. It ceased trading on 18 January 2022.

It was the first energy company to be entirely owned by a city council but was sold to Together Energy in 2020 after big losses. Together Energy also ceased trading in January 2022.

The company cited 'the sustained increase in wholesale prices and the securities required to continue to forward purchase energy' as the reason why it has become untenable to continue to trade.

If you are a Bristol energy customer: Firstly, don't panic. Your energy supply will not be interrupted. 

Ofgem, the energy market regulator, has an obligation to protect your energy supply. It will also automatically transfer you to a new supplier, and honour your existing credit balance. This process is called 'Supplier of Last Resort'.

Bristol Energy has said that it will confirm the new supplier on or before Monday 24th January 2022.

It's best not to switch suppliers now, but to wait until Ofgem has appointed your new supplier and transferred your account. This is to make sure your details aren't lost in the process. 

It's recommended that you take meter readings as soon as you are able to, so that you know what your reading was when the process began. You should also access your customer portal online and input your reading here, and, if possible, download your most recent statements.  

If you are waiting for a Bristol Energy smart meter appointment, this will be honoured.

If for any reason you find your supply affected, contact Bristol Energy on 0808 281 2222.

For more information visit our guide on what to do if your energy supplier goes bust.

Which? verdict on Bristol Energy

Pros: Impressive customer service, described as 'easy to talk to', good value for money

Cons: Bill clarity could be better, some customers get passed around between lots of people

Bristol Energy customer service

Bristol Energy says ‘exceptional customer service’ is at the heart of its mission and, based on its four-star rating for this measure, most of our survey respondents agreed.

The firm is one of five in our latest survey that scored a four-star rating for customer service – it's joined by Octopus Energy, Ovo Energy, So Energy and Utility Warehouse.

We asked Bristol Energy customers how satisfied they were with the service and plenty of respondents mentioned good customer service as a highlight. One customer said the firm was 'easy to talk to', while another described staff on the phone as 'friendly and helpful.'

In September and October 2020, as part of our call waiting time investigation, we contacted several energy companies 12 times each. The calls were placed at different times and on different days.

Bristol Energy answered calls in 3 minutes 45 seconds. This was faster than the overall average pick-up time of 5 minutes 57 seconds of the 31 companies that we called. The slowest firm took over 40 minutes. Bristol Energy wasn't as quick at responding to emails, taking an average of four days, 1 hour and 44 minutes to reply, making it the second slowest of the 12 companies we contacted in this way.

I’ve no reason to complain about the service I’ve received whilst with this supplier

Bristol Energy customer

Bristol Energy bill accuracy and clarity

Bristol Energy scored well for customer service, but users weren't quite as impressed with the accuracy and clarity of their bills.

The firm scored three stars for both measures. Meanwhile, the same can be said for some of Bristol Energy's competitors including British Gas, EDF Energy and Utility Warehouse. Octopus Energy customers were more satisfied with the accuracy and clarity of their bills.

Bristol Energy value for money

Bristol Energy scored four stars for value for money in our latest survey. This places the firm on an equal footing with rivals including Octopus Energy, So Energy and Utility Warehouse.

The majority of customers told us they were happy with the costs involved with being a member. One respondent told us: 'I have never had an issue with Bristol energy and I am very happy with my payments.' Another said: 'I like the price.'

They are a great value option

Bristol Energy customer

I get value for the money I pay

Bristol Energy customer

Bristol Energy common complaints

We spoke to Bristol Energy customers who had dealt with the firm over the phone. 55% of respondents told us they were passed around multiple people during their call.

As part of our survey, we also asked customers if they had complained to Bristol Energy about bills, payments or a price rise in the past 12 months. The majority of those that said they had complained explained their case was related to an unexpected one-off payment being made without warning.

Can I join Bristol Energy with a prepayment meter?

Yes, Bristol Energy can supply customers with pay-as-you-go meters. With its smart prepayment meters you can top up at a PayPoint outlet, online, by text and by phone. You'll need to register online before you make a payment from your phone.

You can get emergency credit (of around £5 or more) if you have run out on your meter. Bristol Energy recommends you only use this as a last resort in case you're not able to buy more credit. 

Bristol Energy in the news

Bristol Energy in 2022

January: Bristol Energy ceased trading on 18 January 2022. A press statement published on its website stated: 'The sustained increase in wholesale prices and the securities required to continue to forward purchase energy, have meant that it is untenable for [Bristol Energy] to continue.'  

Bristol Energy in 2021

March: Bristol Energy paid 12,600 of its customers a total of £56,500 after overcharging them when they switched supplier or tariff between 2013 and 2020. It was one of 18 energy firms found by regulator Ofgem to have failed to uphold these rules. Over one million customers were affected. Affected customers received £4.48 each, on average.

Bristol Energy in 2020

December: Bristol City Council asked for an independent report into what went wrong with Bristol Energy since it lost taxpayers tens of millions of pounds. 

September: Bristol Energy found a buyer – Together Energy – for 155,000 home customers. Together Energy said it planned to keep the Bristol Energy brand and that customers' tariffs, terms and conditions and how they contact their energy supplier weren't changing. Together Energy ranked at the bottom of the 2020 Which? energy survey. 

June: Council leaders agreed to sell local-authority-owned Bristol Energy. £36.5m of taxpayers' money had been spent on the venture and the company posted total losses of £32.5m since it began operating. 

January: Bristol Energy launched three new green tariffs: BE Simply Green, BE Super Green and Big Issue Super Green. These were now the only ones available to Bristol Energy customers. 

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