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Updated: 11 Mar 2022

Outfox the Market

Outfox the Market claims to make big savings for customers fast with ‘best of British’ service. Find out what customers think of this energy provider, and whether it’s the right choice for you.
Tom Morgan
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Launched towards the end of 2017, Outfox the Market aims to save customers money on their energy bills by welcoming 'clean energy' into homes across the UK.

Outfox the Market provides 100% renewable electricity, which means that for every unit of electricity the firm takes from the grid, it's replaced with a unit generated from a renewable source. The firm claims that every new customer that signs up will make 'a real and tangible difference to climate change'. 

Outfox the Market frequently launches new tariffs. It claims its most popular tariffs are Fix'd X 21 31.0 and Clean E Fix'd X 22.0. Based on national averages for homes in the East Midlands region, those tariffs cost an estimated £265.66 and £128.44 per month respectively.

Promising to be 'committed to transparency', Outfox the Market says it will contact customers if a cheaper, more suitable tariff is available. The firm says it can also tell customers the estimated savings if they switched.

Customers with prepayment meters can't currently join Outfox the Market. You’ll need to receive your bills electronically, too, so it might not be right for everyone.

Outfox the Market customers can use the free iOS and Android app to submit meter readings, check their balance or make payments. The app also has a setting for downloading statements, plus a page that lets you see at a glance how much energy you've used.

To find out if Outfox the Market will give you the best energy deal, use Which? Switch to compare gas and electricity prices.

Outfox the Market customer review

Outfox the Market is ranked 6th out of 18 energy companies rated by 8,390 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey.

Finishing with an overall customer score of 62%, Outfox the Market sits near the middle of our table. It manages to best several other firms on customer score, including British Gas (58%), EDF Energy (56%), Sainsbury's Energy (55%) and Shell Energy (53%).

They have lived up to all of my expectations

Outfox the Market customer

Cheaper than my previous supplier

Outfox the Market customer

Outfox the Market score

We've scored Outfox the Market on customer service, bill accuracy and clarity, plus overall value for money.

Take a look at our table below to see our score breakdown for Outfox the Market.

Customer score62%
Customer serviceN/A
Bill accuracy
Bill clarity
Value for money

Based on a survey of 70 Outfox the Market customers carried out in September 2021.

Find out how Outfox the Market compares with other energy firms in our guide to the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Outfox the Market

Pros: Many customers say the firm offers good value for money, 100% renewable electricity

Cons: Bill accuracy and clarity could be better

Outfox the Market customer service

Our sample size in this year's survey wasn't large enough to provide the firm with a star rating for customer score. Even so, we still collected a range of responses from customers on this topic.

Almost half (48%) of its customers we heard from said its customer service was good and close to three quarters (74%) told us they were satisfied with Outfox the Market as their supplier overall.

We heard from one Outfox the Market user who told us: 'Great customer service. Much better than the big six.' Another said: 'Good prices and great customer service.'

Good prices, responsive customer service

Outfox the Market customer

Outfox the Market bill accuracy and clarity

Outfox the Market scored reasonably well for bill accuracy and clarity, finishing with a three-star rating in both categories. We heard from a selection of customers that had no issues with their online bills.

One survey respondent told us: 'My bills have been accurate.' Another said: 'Bills are easy to read and accurate.'

A three-star rating for bill accuracy and clarity puts Outfox the Market on the same level as many of the firms in this year's survey. Only one energy company in our survey scored four stars for bill accuracy.

Outfox the Market value for money

Outfox the Market scored four stars for value for money in our latest survey, suggesting the majority of customers are happy with costs.

A four-star rating for value for money sees Outfox the Market outscore many other firms in our survey – Boost, Utilita, Sainsbury's Energy and SSE are all on that list. No energy provider in our table was able to score five stars for value for money.

Excellent value for money relative to the rest of the market

Outfox the Market

They are maintaining a lower price for my energy despite the recent global increases in energy wholesale prices

Outfox the Market customer

Outfox the Market common complaints

From looking at the responses to our survey, some Outfox the Market customers have voiced their concerns over price rises. Some 13% of its customers we heard from told us they had reason to complain in the year to October 2021.

One Outfox the Market customer told us: 'Outfox the Market had the best price for me initially, but within about three months they hiked the prices. I don't think they had a choice, though.'

Another respondent explained: 'I'm not exactly happy about the current price increases, even if this is happening with almost every supplier.'

Can I join Outfox the Market with a prepayment meter?

No, Outfox the Market doesn't supply customers with prepayment meters. 

Check our guide to prepayment meters to find a supplier which does, and how customers rated it in our latest survey.

Does Outfox the Market sell renewable energy?

Outfox the Market does not generate renewable electricity or buy it directly from renewable generators. It matches its customers’ electricity use with renewables by buying certificates.

Proportion of renewable electricity sold to domestic customersGenerates renewable electricity?Buys renewable electricity directly from generators?Proportion of customers’ renewable electricity matched by REGO certificates?Generates or buys directly from fossil fuels?Sells green gas?

Proportion of renewable electricity according to Outfox the Market’s 2020/21 fuel mix. Other responses based on information provided by suppliers in August and September 2021.

Outfox the Market in the news

Outfox the Market in 2021

December: Ofgem published a list of 20 energy suppliers that “overstated” the share of the renewable electricity in their fuel mix disclosures (FMD) for the period 2019-2020. Outfox the Market was featured on the list.

January: Outfox the Market finished top for customer score in our survey of 25 energy companies rated by 7,460 members of the public.

Outfox the Market in 2020

February: Outfox the Market faced action from energy regulator Ofgem for not paying the £602,930 it owed for the feed-in tariffs scheme. 

If it didn't pay, Outfox the Market could ultimately have had its license to supply gas and electricity revoked and paid a penalty, Ofgem said.

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