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1 October 2020


Powershop calls itself a ‘new kind of gas and electricity supplier’ that offers a different way of buying energy. But is it the right firm for you? Find out what customers think of its service and prices
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Sarah Ingrams

Originally a New Zealand and Australia-based electricity firm, Powershop launched in the UK in 2017. Although it brands itself as independent, it has the backing of Npower.

It says that this arrangement gives customers stability but also lets it try new ways of making customers’ experience better. Powershop says it was set up to make buying energy simpler, friendlier, and more transparent.

It sells energy in ‘powerpacks’, which are discounted bundles of set amounts of gas or electricity that customers buy in advance. The idea is that you can save money, compared with the usual unit rate, by buying upfront. It’s called Powershop Pro.

If this sounds complicated, Powershop promises to reimburse any extra you pay (compared with your original quote) in your first year while you’re getting the hang of its setup.

Customers don’t have to pay this way though. You can also choose to make fixed monthly payments (called Powershop Lite).

Read on to find out how Powershop matches up to more established energy firms.

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Powershop customer score

Powershop came joint fifth out of 35 energy companies rated by 7,355 members of the public in the annual Which? energy companies satisfaction survey – the broadest independent view of energy companies available.

It shares its position with People’s Energy. The two firms were rated the same for bills and value for money. However Powershop’s digital tools were rated better.

Powershop score breakdown

The graphic below shows the breakdown of Powershop’s score in our latest survey. Scroll down to read our verdict on the firm and to find out more about its prices.

Find out how Powershop compares with other energy firms in our guide to the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Powershop

Powershop is a fairly new energy company and was only included in our survey results for the first time this year. It shows that customers are impressed so far.

The accuracy of its bills gained Powershop its highest star rating, indicating that customers consider it excellent.

It was far from the only firm to achieve this rating: 11 other firms did too.  

Customers were almost as positive about how easy its bills were to understand, although again its rating matches that of more than half of firms in our survey.

Powershop claims that it can save customers money, and they seem to agree. It was ranked good value for money – no companies achieved the highest star rating for value this year so it’s among the best.

Plus Powershop was one of only six firms whose customers’ feedback resulted in a ‘good’ rating for its digital tools. The majority achieved a ‘fair’ rating.

Given that most Powershop’s unique tariffs require customers to buy energy in advance and depending on price signals, its digital tools need to be second to none. Its app also lets customers check how much power they have, their energy usage and for any special offers.

We didn’t get enough responses from customers to give Powershop a rating for its customer service or how it deals with complaints.

However, when we included it in our snapshot investigation into customer waiting times it was among the slower third of companies included to answer the phone.

Powershop took 9mins 9secs on average. The fastest firm took just 38 seconds, whereas the slowest kept us waiting for more than 21 minutes on average.

When we measured how long it took to respond to online messages (via its online form) it was the slowest firm, taking more than five days on average to respond. Plus it didn’t respond to more than half of our messages within a week.

In terms of complaints, Powershop received among the fewest per 1,000 customers of firms included in our survey, according to official Ofgem data. But it’s not the fastest to solve them by any means, managing less than a fifth on the same or next working day in the first half of last year.

Pros: Bill accuracy is excellent, digital tools are good, gets few complaints

Cons: Can be slow to respond to online messages

Powershop electricity sources

Powershop in the news

2018: Powershop began selling gas. Previously it was an electricity-only supplier. It also launched Powershop Lite for customers who want to pay for their energy in the traditional way.

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