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Sainsbury's Energy

By Sarah Ingrams

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Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury’s Energy is a partnership between Sainsbury’s and Npower. Find out whether Sainsbury's Energy is the right supplier for you.

Sainsbury's Energy customers are now supplied by Npower. Until 5 April, Sainsbury’s Energy worked with Big Six Npower’s rival, British Gas. But the partnership between the two ended.

Sainsbury's Energy says customers will get ‘top-notch service’, earn Nectar points and it will match your usage with electricity generated from renewable sources. Find out more about the relaunched Sainsbury’s Energy.

There are advice centres in some Sainsbury’s stores, so customers can talk with staff about their energy use face to face. You can register and manage your account using an online service or over the phone.  

Sainsbury’s Energy stopped selling tariffs between 5th February and 17th February 2019 while it changed supply partners. All previous customers were transferred to British Gas by 7 April. Sainsbury’s Energy customers: find out what this means for you. Or compare gas and electricity prices to find the best deal for you.

Sainsbury's Energy customer score

Sainsbury's Energy came 20th out of 30 energy companies rated by 7,429 members of the public in the annual Which? energy supplier satisfaction survey – the biggest of its kind.

It scored seven percentage points higher than British Gas, which was its supply partner at the time. Both rank in the lower half of our overall ranking of the 30 firms.

Npower, Sainsbury’s Energy’s new supply partner, ranked joint-28th. Find out  more about Npower.

Sainsbury's Energy score breakdown

Below we show the breakdown of Sainsbury's Energy's score from our latest survey. Read our full Sainsbury's Energy review to find out the pros and cons of the energy supplier, including what its prices are like.

Find out how Sainsbury’s Energy compares with other energy companiessee the full results of the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury’s Energy achieved a slightly above-average score in our survey (the overall GB average was 61%). However, it does sit in the bottom 10 of our 30 energy companies. 

Its lowest-rated areas include billing accuracy, helping customers to reduce energy use and save money, and value for money (3 stars). But it's the latter that customers spoke most about when taking part in our survey. 

Comments from customers included: 'expensive' and 'overpriced'. 

However, comments also indicated a general unhappiness with all energy companies rather than a direct issue with Sainsbury's. 

One respondent said: 'I wouldn't award any energy supplier more than 4 stars for value for money. They are all too expensive.' While another questioned: 'Does anyone think that they are getting value for money from their energy company?'. 

British Gas and Npower received two stars for value for money. 

An area that customers are happy with however is the online customer service. It was given the full five stars out of five. The 'user-friendly' website was largely praised, as was the quick response times. 

In our latest energy companies call-waiting investigation, Sainsbury's Energy took just 1min 49sec for a person to answer the phone when we called its customer services. It was in the top 10 quickest companies. 

Plus it responded to customer enquiries via its online form in an average of 22hr 30min in our latest snapshot investigation. This is a big improvement on 2017, when it took longer than 10 days, on average to respond.

Complaints-handling, customer service on the phone and bill clarity all got a respectable four-star rating, highlighting that although there is definite room for improvement, there are also areas Sainsbury's Energy are working well in. 

Customers rate Sainsbury's Energy higher than British Gas (which was its supply partner at the time) in all categories, bar 'helping you understand and reduce energy use', for which they both received three stars. Npower scored lower than Sainsbury’s Energy on all measures.

Pros: It offers face-to-face salespeople in Sainsbury’s stores and customers highly rate its online service

Cons: Customers feel like they could be given more advice on reducing their energy consumption or saving money

Sainsbury's Energy electricity sources

Sainsbury's Energy: powered by Npower 

Now if you switch to Sainsbury’s Energy, your gas and electricity will be supplied by Npower.

It’s offering a 12-month fixed deal and says it will match 100% of your electricity usage with power generated from renewable sources. But it states that ‘there are no added environmental benefits to this tariff’.

You must be a new customer to sign up to this tariff (so you cannot be an existing Npower or Powershop customer).

You’ll need to manage your account online, or via its app. Dual-fuel switchers can earn 4,000 Nectar points.

Sainsbury’s Energy and British Gas partnership ends 

Sainsbury’s Energy was a trading name used by British Gas. In February 2019, the two companies announced the end of their partnership. This means that you can no longer sign up to a new tariff with Sainsbury’s Energy.

If you were a customer, your account should have been switched to British Gas by 7 April. Your supply won’t be interrupted.

Your tariff, payments and account number will remain the same. British Gas should have contacted you in April to tell you how to access your online account and tell you your changeover date.

You can submit meter readings as usual or, if you have a smart meter, British Gas will be able to read it.

If you’re in debt to Sainsbury’s Energy, it will move to your British Gas account. The same will happen if you’re in credit.

Sainsbury's Energy in the news 


April: Sainsbury’s Energy announced that it had teamed up with Npower.

February: Sainsbury’s Energy announced the end of its partnership with British Gas.


July: Customers could no longer collect Nectar points with Sainsbury's Energy or claim rewards from Nectar partners through Sainsbury's Energy. 

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