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Best activity trackers and fitness watches

Top five fitness watches and activity trackers with built-in GPS

By Hannah Walsh

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Keep track of your route with a great fitness watch or activity tracker with built-in GPS. Our guide will help you pick the perfect one.

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If you want to leave your smartphone at home while still tracking your distance and route using your wearable device, then built-in GPS is the extra feature to look for. We’ve tested fitness watches and activity trackers with built-in GPS from all the big brands, including Garmin, Polar, New Balance, TomTom and Samsung.

The devices in the table below are some of the best models we’ve seen that come with built-in GPS. We’ve gone further to check the accuracy of the GPS data and the consistency of the signal for each device, too.

All fitness watches and activity trackers with built-in GPS are tested for accuracy on a 1km route. The route includes dense trees and an underpass to add the challenge of potential loss of GPS signal. We even add a hill climb and compare the elevation data to Ordnance Survey topographical data to get an idea of the accuracy of the distance calculator. Fitness watches with advanced running capabilities are put to the test on a longer 5km run, too.

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Best fitness watches and activity trackers with built-in GPS


This slim and lightweight watch is really great for in-depth running analysis and activity tracking, and provides plenty of detailed information for keen runners.


An entry-level Garmin fitness watch is a little light on features, but could suit for those only after tracking the basics.


A plethora of fitness functions and accurate GPS tracking make this a good option for runners.


This tough and durable fitness watch is one of the most accurate devices we’ve tested.


This fitness watch uses both GPS and Glonass for location positioning, meaning it will find you quickly and accurately. What else does it offer?

Pricing, recommendations and test scores correct as of June 2018.

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Should I buy a fitness watch or activity tracker with built-in GPS?

If you want to track how far you’ve run or your route without your smartphone glued to your side, built-in GPS is a must-have. Trackers with built-in GPS will often track your distance more accurately, as long as the GPS works well and doesn’t drop the connection as soon as you pass through an underpass, under tree cover or between tall buildings. Click here to find out more about how GPS works.

Devices with built-in GPS tend to be a little more expensive than basic activity trackers – you’ll need to spend more than £100. If that’s more than you want to part with, look for a model that can use the GPS on your smartphone. Other trackers can also calculate the distance you’ve travelled based on your step count and stride length, and will often have an option in the companion app to enter your stride-length data to help make this more accurate. Both of these options rely on your smartphone, so you’ll need to ensure you take it with you.