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Gardening through the year

Gardening jobs for April

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Gardening jobs for April


Get your lawn in shape

After a winter of neglect, your lawn will benefit from a bit of TLC now. Start mowing once a week, beginning with the blades at the highest setting and gradually lowering them over the weeks. If your lawn mower needs replacing, see our Best Buy lawn mowers.

For a perfect finish, trim the lawn’s edges with long-handled shears or a grass trimmer.

Bare or thin patches of grass can be thickened up by raking over the surface and then resowing.

Lastly, give the lawn a feed. If it contains weeds or moss, treat these at the same time with a weed, feed and mosskiller treatment.

Kill weeds

Getting on top of weeds early in the season means that you should prevent them seeding and becoming a problem. Hoeing the border once a week works well.

Perennial weeds, such as dandelions, will come back if they’re hoed off, so to get rid of them permanently use a weedkiller containing glyphosate.


Plant out sweet peas

After pinching out sweet peas last month, they should have strong side-shoots that will flower well.

Plant them next to a support that they can climb by wrapping their tendrils around; they’ll need to be tied in with string at the start to get them going.

Harvest salads

Early sowings of salads should be ready to pick now. Cut off the leaves, rather than pulling up the whole plant, and they should resprout new ones.

Sow a pinch of seeds every few weeks to have a succession of leaves to harvest through the spring and summer.

Good salads to try include loose-leaf lettuce, rocket, mizuna and mustard.

Veg garden jobs

April brings warmer weather so it's time to get sowing and planting.

Jobs to do include:

For our full guide to veg garden jobs for April, watch our video.