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16 August 2021

Save money by growing your own veg

Growing your own vegetables can save you a fortune on your groceries bill
Ceri Thomas
Trolley veggies

You may want to try growing your own fruit and veg to cut down on your supermarket bills and helping with your budgeting. 

We've done some simple calculations to see how much you could save.

For example, you could grow 1kg of baby carrots for around 25p, but you'd pay about £3.30 for 1kg of baby carrots in a supermarket.

It's not just money you will be saving by growing your own veg. Home-grown produce tastes so much better, as it can be cooked within minutes of harvesting - there are no 'food miles' involved. Our Best Buy varieties have all been rigorously tested by the Which? Gardening experts so you can be sure you're growing the varieties that taste best and give the highest yields.

You'll also be able to ensure that your food is grown with limited chemical inputs. Children love growing veg, and it's a great way to help them understand where their food comes from and to get them outdoors instead of stuck in front of the tv or computer.

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Growing your own fruit and veg

Good varieties
Typical purchase price
Expected yield
Cost of homegrown vegetable/fruit
Supermarket cost
£1.50 a plant
30-40 fruits per plant
5p each
43p each
38p a cucumber
'Gardener’s Delight'
£1.50 a plant
3kg a plant
50p a kg
£2.48 a kg
£1.98 a kg
£1.50 a plant
30 courgettes a plant
5p each
39p each
34p a courgette
£2.50 for a packet of seed
3kg a square metre
83p a kg
£7 a kg
£6.17 a kg
'Early Nantes'
£1.50 for a packet of seed
Up to 6kg a square metre
25p a kg
£0.61 a kg
£0.36 a kg
Baby leaf salads
Choose a mixture (check you like all the ingredients)
£2 for a packet of seed
Two to six bags of salad
33p-£1 a picking
£1.47 for a 125g bag
47p-£1.14 a picking
£1-£1.50 a plant
2kg from six plants
£3-£4.50 a kg
£5.33 a kg
83p a kg
'Autumn Bliss'
2kg per bush each year
50p-£1 a kg
£13 a kg
£12-£12.5 a kg

Table notes: Savings and prices are a guide only. We checked supermarket prices online in May 2016. Supermarket prices are for cheapest available products and from the standard range where possible. Prices of vegetables and fruit will vary according to the time of year. Yields are based on the best varieties in Which? Gardening trials or expert estimations