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Nursery blackout blinds: top picks

By Olivia Howes

We tried out five big-brand nursery blackout blinds to bring you our top picks for effectiveness and ease of use.

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Heard the phrase sleep like a baby? Whoever invented that saying probably never had a bundle of newborn joy to deal with at 2am, and 3am, and 4am...

Whether you're lucky enough to have a baby that does actually sleep, or if your night monster is prone to a 3am party, during the summer months and/or when you go on holiday you'll want to keep their room as dark as possible to reduce the chance of bright sunshine waking them (and you) at the crack of dawn. 

Some of these blinds are also useful for keeping the cot dark, while you keep the bedside lamp on for a spot of reading. 

To help ease your sleep woes, we've enlisted the help of parents to try out some of the most popular nursery blackout blinds, so you can see what could be worth buying.

While we can't guarantee that by using any of these blinds your little one will be magically sprinkled with sleeping dust that sends them into a slumber, we do know a good blackout blind must be easy to use and effective. 

There's no point forking out cash hoping for pitch black darkness if the blind comes unstuck or lets in rays of light at 5am.

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Travel cots first look verdicts
Travel cot Price Use Attachment method




Magic Blackout Blind



Each sheet measures 60cm x 80cm (24" x 32") and can be cut to size



The Magic Blackout Blind  can be used in a child’s bedroom during bright summer mornings or for night-shift workers wanting to block out daylight while they sleep. It can also be used on a boat or in a caravan. But does it work? 

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Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind

 £34.99 Windows up to 200x130cm    Suckers 

The Gro Company claims this portable blackout blind can go anywhere with you, creating a ‘snoozy sleeping environment’ wherever you need one. Does it work, or will you be a sucker for buying it? 

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Snoozeshade for cots

£59.99 and £54.99 (travel size)  Travel cots and continental cots sized 120cm x 60cm, but not cot beds. Elasticated straps 

The Snoozeshade for Cots is a breathable blackout cover for cots and travel cots, designed to make sharing a room with your baby easier. Will you both be slumbering in bliss till late morning?

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Content & Calm Cot Canopy

 £69.95  Travel cot or cot (Up to a size of 130cm long, 110cm high and 75cm wide) Clamps and hooks

Content & Calm's Cot Canopy is designed to 'protect your baby's sleep routine by turning day into night, wherever you are'. Is this the perfect solution for a content and calm holiday? 

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Lights Out portable blackout blind

£23.99 for two blinds  Windows - blind sizes are 120 x100 cm  Suckers 

The Lights Out portable blackout blind is a 'simple, inexpensive way to darken rooms' say the manufacturer, who also claims 'you can put them up in less than 10 seconds'

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