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Best TVs for watching sport

By Martin Pratt

Whether you’re into football or fencing, the best TVs for sport will help you enjoy even the fastest-paced action in crystal-clear clarity.

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When it comes to watching sport, the key thing you want your TV to do is cope well with fast movement – whether that's a football zipping around the pitch or a sprinter diving for the finish.

The World Cup and Wimbledon have been and gone, and if your experience of these two incredible events was marred by blur, judder and smearing then it may be time you got a TV that can cope better with fast motion. 

The Best TVs will display smooth, fluid motion, with no blurring, or colour-smearing to spoil your enjoyment, so you'll be able to read the number on a players shirt even when they're running at breakneck speed down the touchline, or keep your eye on a golf ball as it rockets off the tee. 

Although all our Best Buy TVs will do a cracking job, the TVs below score the maximum five stars for motion processing. With fantastic picture and sound quality overall, they're a great choice for avid sport fans.

Best TVs for watching sport


One of the best TVs we've seen in the lab in recent years, this 55-inch TV offers unrivalled picture and sound quality. With an easy-to-use smart-TV platform to boot, this is the choice TV for 2017 if you're looking for the very best.


This remarkable-looking TV delivers super smooth motion and crystal clear sound. Whether it's the cheers of the crowd or the roar of an engine, this TV will keep you close to the action.


This pin-sharp TV handles motion superbly, with well balanced colours and contrast. Great sound quality makes it a perfect set for sports.

Pricing, recommendations and test scores correct as of August 2018.

Watching the Sport in 4K

2018 is a big year for sport. We've had the World Cup and Wimbledon already and both were available to stream in 4K on BBC iPlayer. It wasn't a full rollout of 4K streaming since the number of people who could watch each football and tennis match was restricted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The BBC is clearly ramping up its 4K service though, and figures released by the broadcaster revealed that 1.6 million people had tried to stream a World Cup or Wimbledon game in 4K. The interest is there and although the BBC has yet to confirm when it will fully launch 4K streaming, or a dedicated 4K channel in the same vein as BBC One HD, it seems that viewership will be high when it does.

Sky customers can already watch a range of sport in 4K, including Premier League games, Formula 1 and Cricket. The same goes for any BT Sport subscribers. Football and Rugby games are all available in 4K on the service.


Do I need a 4K TV?

All the above TVs are 4K, or Ultra HD, meaning they have a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels – more than 8 million pixels in total. That’s four times the number in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080).

BT now has a UHD channel for sport as does Sky, so if you're buying a 4K set to watch the football then you're best of choosing one of these providers. 

There's isn't a huge amount of sport available in 4K, but if you’re about to buy a new TV you should seriously consider a UHD set. A 4K TV will still deliver fantastic, steady pictures when dealing with standard or high-definition broadcasts.

If you haven't found one you like, we have hundreds more expert TV reviews.


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