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Top 4K UHD TVs

By Martin Pratt

As 4K TVs now make up the bulk of LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung's yearly ranges, the price has come down, with some now available for less than £400. Find out which 4K TVs impressed us most with their picture and sound quality.

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A vast range of models to choose from and plummeting prices means if you're buying a new TV then it might as well be 4K. Ultra-high definition content is becoming more plentiful, thanks largely to Netflix and Amazon Video, and leading manufacturers are putting their most advanced screen technology inside 4K sets.

You don't just see the benefit of improved image processors and wider colour ranges when you're watching 4K. Our tests have found that top-rated 4K TVs are better at displaying HD content than similarly priced HD-only TVs. 

Not all 4K TVs are created equal of course. The plethora of TVs on show at your local Currys may look good displaying 4K test footage, but put a standard definition or HD episode of Eastenders on when you get home and you may be left ruing your purchase. 

We've picked five outstanding TVs that excel no matter what you're watching.

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Best 4K TVs


This is the best 55-inch TV you can buy. From screen to speakers, it's is as close to perfect as we've seen in years.


It's Samsung's best TV and an absolute marvel that can hold its own against the best OLEDs out there.


It's not the best OLED, but don't let that put you off. This TV is more than deserving of a place in your living room.


It's not clear how much of this TV's quality is down to the NanoCell aspect, but it doesn't matter either. It looks good and sounds even better.


This 55-incher is cheaper than most and punching above its weight to get a Best Buy score.

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And here are three TVs to avoid

4K video is supposed to be sharp and crisp, with incredible detail and rich, vibrant colours, but just because a TV can display 4K resolution, doesn't mean it will look good.

If a 4K TV can't even get 4K right, then it's unlikely to be any better if you're watching standard or high-definition video. These TVs have awful picture quality and sound to match.

4K TVs to avoid


It turns out you need more than an OLED screen to make a Best Buy TV. This well known brand simply can't make the most of the impressive display technology and this TV is desperately poor as a result.


It's the basics that this TV gets wrong. The picture and sound quality are miles behind what a Best Buy can do and no amount of flashy features can compensate for that.


This TV may be cheap for a 65-incher, but that's where this TV's plus points begin and end. Dismal sound and distinctly average picture quality just don't cut it in 2018. Give this TV a wide berth.

How to buy the best 4K TV

Picture quality is just one part of our extensive TV test. A TV with a stunning screen is no good if the sound it emits is akin to an upset cat. A Best Buy TV must be the full package, sound quality that's easy on the ear, with well-balanced treble and bass that doesn't drown out conversations or make an explosion sound like a party popper.

We expect more of modern TVs. Now that they have internet connections they open up a world of streaming apps, games and more. These smart menus must be easy to navigate and quick to open or else what should be a useful feature will be a frustration. 

How easy a TV is to use should extend to its setup, too, not just navigation around the smart menus and electronic programme guide. 

When choosing a 4K TV it's important to consider screen size. You can see what size TV will best suit your room with our TV screen size tool and to get more advice on choosing the perfect model, including which brands to go for and how much to spend, head to our guide on .


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