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Which? Don’t Buy TV DVD combis

by Tom Morgan

Don't Buy TV DVD combis make your favourite shows a pain to watch. We unmask the Don't Buy models that you should stay away from.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

When you're relaxing in front of the TV, you don't want to be punished by poor picture quality and tinny sound. Thankfully, our in-depth testing will help you find the perfect TV DVD combi for you, whether you're after an upgrade for the kitchen, second bedroom or even a mobile home. Our Best Buy TV DVD combis arrive at a range of prices, and they're packed with features.

Find out which TVs you need to be wary of. Log-in or sign up for a £1 trial to unlock the Don't Buy-rated TV DVD combis.

What makes a Don't Buy TV DVD combi?

You shouldn't have to put up with a poor quality TV when you're catching up on soaps or watching the news. We endure the problems so you don't have to, uncovering the TV DVD combis to avoid. Don't Buy TV DVD combis are spoiled by picture quality that makes HD TV look like standard-definition. Sound quality is so bad that you'll struggle to hear actors' voices, and fiddly remotes and confusing menus will drive you mad too.

Our testing shows that you can still pick up a top-notch combi for an affordable price. Unlike our Don't Buy models, Best Buy TV DVD combis look and sound great, and they're usually complemented by a selection of smart-TV apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube. If a TV DVD combi leaves our lab with the Best Buy title, it's certain to impress in your living room.

Unique TV DVD combi testing by Which?

Each TV DVD combi that we review goes through four weeks of extensive testing, allowing us to spot the models that excel across picture, sound, ease of use, features and power use. Only the very best combis are worthy of the Best Buy title.

  • Our experts watch hours of video clips with the sound turned off to unearth the limitations of each combi's picture quality.
  • We listen to hundreds of audio clips to see if a TV's speakers are up to scratch.
  • Our lab tests represent how you really use a combi in your living room, so you'll know whether a remote control is good to use, or a DVD menu is hard to read.

You can trust Which? reviews because we're independent - we work for you, the consumer. We buy all the TV DVD combis we test and don't take advertising, so you can be sure that our recommendations are influenced only by our testing.

Find out which TV DVD combis are Don't Buys, to be avoided at all costs. To unlock all the benefits of Which? membership, sign up now for a £1 trial.

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