Choosing a car Best cars

The Best Buy new and used cars in each category, based on the in-depth Which? Car road test and feedback from real-life owners.


Best 4x4s

The best new and used 4x4s and SUVs revealed. Our best new 4x4 is versatile, offers space and is an easy drive.

Best superminis

Best superminis

The best new and used superminis revealed. Our top Best Buy supermini is reliable, practical - and a hybrid.

Best medium cars

Best medium cars

Revealed: the top-scoring medium cars in our tests.

Best MPVs

Best MPVs

The best new and used MPVs revealed. The best new MPV is solid, versatile and reliable - but is it too sensible?

  • Best estates

    The best new and used estate cars revealed. Find out which large and efficient car is our top Best Buy estate.

  • Best large cars

    large cars

    The best new and used large cars revealed. Our top car is comfortable and practical - but is it too unexciting a drive?

  • Best sports cars

    Best sports car reviews

    Our pick of the best new and used sports cars. Find out why this iconic sports car is our top Best Buy.

  • Best luxury cars

    luxury cars

    The best new and used luxury cars revealed. With high build quality and impressive performance, see which luxury car comes top.

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