How to complain to the Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland has raised the repayment rate on many of its tracker mortgages taken out before October 2004. If this affects you, use our advice to complain.

Complain to the Bank of Ireland

Have you been affected by the Bank of Ireland's decision to increase the repayment rate on its tracker mortgages? 

Despite interest rates remaining static, a loop-hole in the terms and conditions means consumers will be forced to pay more.

If you want to check with the Bank of Ireland to see if you're affected by the price increase before making a complaint, call 0800 345 7512.

BOI mortgage rate increase unfair

Which? believes the Bank of Ireland has a responsibility to treat its customers fairly and provide honest and clear terms and conditions. 

We are sending a clear message to the Bank of Ireland criticising its decision to increase its mortgage rates.  

Which? says

We are urging the bank not to exploit its customers and want it to take action to help those customers who are affected by the mortgage rate increase. 

This increase raises important questions about the wider use of terms and conditions. 

We are calling on the government to amend the Consumer Rights Bill to ensure that terms and conditions are balanced more fairly.  

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