Sometimes, relying on a company to resolve your complain isn't enough and you need to take it further, which can be daunting especially if you need to go to court. Our guides help you get the result you want.

Consumer legislation

Sometimes staff wrongly think their returns policies rule, but your statutory rights cannot be overruled. Retailers and manufacturers have a legal obligation to protect consumers.


Disputes over unfair terms often concern money. If you don't read the small print, you could be in for a nasty surprise. But you do have protection from unfair terms. Our guides can help you challenge unfair contract terms.

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Ombudsman complaints

In some cases, complaining to a company doesn’t resolve the issue. If you’re unhappy or feel you’re getting nowhere, you can contact an ombudsman. Read our guides to find out about the different ombudsman schemes.

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Small claims court

If you have a serious complaint about a company and are having difficulties getting it resolved, the small claims court may help. Our guides explain how the small claims court works and when it’s worth using it.


Until we formally leave the EU there will be no immediate change to your consumer rights when you buy or sell goods and services, or travel abroad.