Parking tickets

There are many reasons why you might be issued with a parking ticket. These include parking on double yellow lines, parking in a bus lane or not displaying a valid ticket in a pay and display area.

A number of different organisations can give you a parking ticket depending on where you have parked – the local council, police, a private company or Transport for London.

There are several different types of parking ticket that you may receive, depending on where you parked. 

The appeals process differs depending on what type of ticket you've been issued. If you've parked on the street, you may be issued with one of the following:

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

A PCN is issued by the council through parking attendants who issue tickets for on-street parking offences. 

They can also be sent through the post if a camera catches you breaking the rules. PCNs are issued through the civil justice system.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

An FPN is issued by police traffic wardens to enforce more serious parking rules such as parking on a Red Route and is issued through the criminal justice system.

Excess Charge Notice (ECN)

An ECN is issued by the local council if you park for longer than the time indicated on your ticket. ECNS are issued through the civil justice system.

Standard Charge Notice (SCN)

A SCN is issued by the local council if you don’t have a valid ticket or if the time on your ticket has elapsed. SCNs are issued through the civil justice system.

Appealing a parking ticket

Few people contest their parking ticket, but two thirds of those who do win their case. 

If you think a parking ticket was issued to you unfairly, you must collect as much evidence as possible at the scene and include this with your appeal. 

You can use our how to appeal a parking ticket guide to help contest an unfair parking ticket. 

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