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Most of us rely heavily on technology and enjoy the delights of catch-up TV or movie streaming services like Netflix. But does your sluggish broadband mean missing out on your favourite show? Know your rights so you don't miss out.

Δ Broadband billing and service problems

Whether checking emails, ordering groceries online or streaming Netflix, the last thing you want is a poor broadband service. From interrupted service to slow connections, make sure you get the best broadband.

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Unwanted calls & texts

Unwanted calls and texts can be very annoying, particularly if they end up disrupting your day or worse, costing you money. Our guides can help you stop these irritating calls and texts for good.

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Phone bills & costly calls

Premium phone numbers can end up being very costly but there are things you can do to avoid being stung by high charges. Our guides help you understand the regulations that protect you.

Δ Home entertainment problems

If you’re unhappy about the service you’re receiving from your home entertainment provider, use our guides to address problems with service interruptions, channel loss or poor service.


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We wanted advertising watchdogs to pull the plug on confusing broadband ads that promise speeds most of their customers will never get. We think that when you’re not getting the service you’re paying for, you should be compensated. With the support of over 120,000 campaign supporters, we convinced the regulator to introduce automatic compensation for poor broadband service and the advertising watchdog to crackdown on misleading speed ads.

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