It can be frustrating and distressing if you don't get the service you expect from a hospital, GP or dentist. Or what if the glasses you buy are the wrong prescription? Read our advice to help you if things go wrong.

GP and doctor complaints

Your relationship with your GP is hugely important to your health and wellbeing which is why it can be particularly stressful if something goes wrong. Our guides and template letters can help you make a complaint about your GP or GP practice.

Dentist complaints

Good oral hygiene is an important part of staying healthy so having a capable dentist you trust is vital. If you’re unhappy with your dental care or think you've been misled in regards to the cost of treatment, we can help you pursue a complaint.

Optician complaints

From poor quality eye tests to faulty glasses, you have the right to complain if you’ve had poor service from your optician. Read our advice to find out the best way to help you deal with bad service or if you have a more serious complaint.

Private healthcare

If you have a problem with your private healthcare provider or have an issue with your medical insurer, you may be able to seek redress. Read our guides to find out how to navigate the complaints processes for private healthcare providers.

Gym membership

If you want to end your gym membership, you may face a long notice period or a minimum term contract. In most cases you’ll be held to the terms in your contract but it may be that a clause is unfair. Read our guides to find out what to do.