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[Your regional NHS address]

To [Complaints Manager]

I am writing to make a complaint about [name of practice manager and/or name of GP].

I feel unable to make a complaint to [my surgery/ GP] directly and would like to lodge my complaint with you.

I would be grateful if you would investigate my complaint in full and deal with it as a formal complaint.

The full details of my complaint are as follows:

[add details of the complaint that you have made - ie the issue with the medical advice/ treatment received or service received]

[include any supporting documentation that you think may help with your regional NHS investigation of your complaint]  

I look forward to receiving your acknowledgement of my complaint within three working days.

[If there is any reason why the complaint needs to be investigated as a matter of urgency eg you are without medication because of the GP’s actions, set out details here]

Yours faithfully,

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