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Car insurance for the under 25s and over 50s

If you're under 25 or over 50, car insurance can be expensive to buy. Here are five handy ways to cut your costs.

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Consider black box car insurance Check specialist insurers Take an advanced driving course
Add a named driver to your policy Contact a broker

Why does cover cost so much? Insurers decide how much you'll pay based on how likely they think you are to make a claim. Drivers considered more of a risk pay more and drivers considered less of a risk pay less. However, the way risk is measured can be crude, especially in the case of age.

Drivers over 50 and drivers under 25 are statistically more likely than other motorists to be involved in accidents (and their claims also cost insurers more), which means that regardless of how safe they are behind the wheel, they'll still pay more for cover.


Consider black box car insurance

While largely targeted at young drivers, 'black box' car insurance – also known as telematics – can be used by any motorist looking to save money.

A box is fitted to your car and monitors how you drive. If you can prove that you are a good driver you're rewarded, usually with cheaper cover. Drive badly, however, and you can lose any discounts you are entitled to and – if your driving doesn’t improve – your policy can be cancelled.

There are different types of policies available. Some focus solely on how you drive, others help lower your costs by restricting your mileage (which can be ideal if you're an infrequent driver) and some will give you other types of rewards, such as free gifts and high street vouchers.

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Check specialist insurers

Some telematics policy are only for drivers under the age of 25, so if you're an older driver there are specialist providers, such as Age UK, RIAS and Saga, you can turn to. Axa, LV, Nationwide and Swiftcover, are also worth trying as they have no upper age limits on their policies.

Take an advanced driving course

Whether you are new to the roads or a veteran behind the wheel, some insurers will give you money off your policy if you’ve been on the Driving Standards Agency's Pass Plus training course. Make sure you check with your insurer to see what they offer before you apply.

Add a named driver to your policy

This is one mainly for the younger drivers. Add an older and more experienced named driver to your policy and the cost of cover is likely to fall.

However, it's illegal to put someone down as the main driver if this is not the case. This practice is known as 'fronting', and if your insurer finds out they may refuse to pay out on a claim and you may lose your no-claims bonus. The insurer may also take legal action against you for fraud.

Contact a broker

If you’re still having trouble finding suitable car cover, use the British Insurance Brokers' Association's Find a Broker service. Call them on 0370 950 1790 or check biba.org.uk for more. You can also contact the Which? Money Helpline for advice on finding cover.