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Tefal issues advice over Actifry fire concern

Tefal claims smoke from Actifry not cause of alarm

Tefal logo

Tefal logo

Tefal has issued advice to consumers after reports that 221 Actify fryers produced smoke or even flames.

In response to the complaints, made to a BBC programme, a product test lab checked the safety of the fryer and reported that it posed a ‘significant safety hazard’. The lab also called for Tefal to recall the product.

Tefal has responded saying that the Tefal Actifry is ‘completely safe’, meets safety standards and won’t catch fire as it’s made from flame retardant material.

Tefal response

Tefal says that 221 (0.4%) of the 55,000 Actifry units sold in the UK have been reported to suffer from a faulty fan motor overheating. 

Tefal claims: ‘It is normal for any appliance with a hot air heating system to produce smoke if the fan fails, as this causes the element to overheat and melt the surrounding plastics’. Tefal continues to state that this does not mean that the product will catch fire.

Tefal says it consulted trading standards officers and they agreed that there was no safety issue. 

The company adds: ‘The Tefal Actifry is completely safe and has been designed to “fail safe”. This means that in the event of a product failure, it will shut down safely with all power cut immediately.’

Tefal has set up a dedicated consumer telephone number, 0800 055 3678, for anyone with concerns about this product.

The Tefal Actifry is a fryer that Tefal claims will allow the user to fry enough chips to feed a family using only a spoonful of oil. This is said to make chips contain less fat, and the product more energy efficient.

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