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Sainsbury’s launches bulb and battery recycling

Battery and light bulb collection set up in stores

Sainsbury's logo

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to launch a recycling scheme which allows store customers to drop off old energy saving light bulbs as well as used batteries.

Sainsbury’s has teamed up with specialist light bulb recycling company Recolight to run the joint scheme for used energy-saving light bulbs and portable batteries – which it claims is the first scheme of its kind among national UK retailers.

The move follows a similar announcement from Sainsbury’s rival Tesco.

Battery recycling

The Sainsbury’s recycling scheme will start to be rolled out before the end of 2009 and should be available at around 200 larger Sainsbury’s stores by the end of January 2010.

All shops selling 32kg or more of household batteries will be required to offer free battery recycling collection points at the store from 1 February 2010, under new EU rules. A battery recycling target of 45% needs to be met by 2016.

Which? has reported on Tesco’s plans for battery recycling in its stores.

Sainsbury’s recycling scheme

The scheme will use specially designed containers, placed in the recycling areas of larger Sainsbury’s stores, to collect energy-saving light bulbs and batteries.

According to Recolight, the energy saving light bulbs and batteries collected from stores will be sent for recycling at approved treatment facilities.

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