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Tefal launches ‘odour-free’ fat fryer

New Oleoclean Delux promises odour-free frying

Tefal Oleoclean Deluxe fryer

The new Tefal Oleoclean Deluxe fryer

A kitchen that smells of cooking oil could be a thing of the past if Tefal’s latest kitchen gadget is anything to go by. 

Tefal claims to have invented a self-cleaning fryer with its new ‘odour-free’ Oleoclean Deluxe fryer.

The £119.99 Oleoclean Deluxe fryer claims to be the ‘perfect solution to healthier, safer and odour-free frying’ with an innovative filter and oil storage system.

We’ve got our hands on one of the new fryers and will post our initial impressions in the next few days. In the meantime you can find full test results for 14 other deep fat fryers in our fryers review, which covers fryers from brands such as Tefal, Breville and De’Longhi.  

Is odour-free frying possible?

Which? fryers expert Lisa Galliers says ‘There’s nothing tastier than a home cooked chip but the hassle of cooking them, as well as the oil smell that lingers, can put people off. 

‘Tefal is making quite a bold claim with this new “odour-free” fryer. If it really can cook without leaving a smell, that would be quite impressive as most fryers leave some sort of lingering oil odour. 

‘Although the sealed oil-storage box is a really good idea, cooking odours escape when the lid is opened to remove food, so we’re not sure if it really can be odour-free.’

Tefal Oleoclean Deluxe fryer

Tefal’s new fryer has a filter system to clean the oil after each use and then drain it away into a sealed box, which is removable so you can store in the fridge or cupboard. 

Tefal claims the oil box reduces smell and mess, while a carbon filter – that can be washed and reused up to 80 times – should eliminate odours further. 

The fryer comes with a 1.3kg capacity and a viewing window, and the non-electrical parts are dishwasher-safe. 

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