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Kenwood reveals new fan-assisted breadmakers

The BM260 and BM366 also feature an Eco mode

Kenwood BM260 breadmaker

The Kenwood BM260 breadmaker

Kenwood has revealed two new breadmakers, the BM260 and BM366, which it promises will ‘bake our best bread yet’.

Both new breadmakers feature fan-assisted baking – a relatively unusual addition to this type of cooking gadget – and an ‘Eco button’ setting designed to save electricity.

There’s also a new recipe booklet and 11 baking program settings, including an option for making gluten-free bread.

UPDATED: We reveal full testing results in our Kenwood BM260 and Kenwood BM366 breadmaker reviews.

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Faster baking? 

Which? breadmakers expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘Fan-assisted cooking in a breadmaker should make the baking quicker and more even, so this could where the energy saving is made.

‘Kenwood claims these latest breadmakers can bake a loaf in 85 minutes, which sounds just like a quick bake option. Most breadmakers have this setting, but generally loaves baked using these programs aren’t as good as those made using the standard settings.

‘We’ll be sending the Kenwood breadmakers to out test lab to whether fan-assisted cooking really can improve the bread-making process.

Which? has already reviewed the older Kenwood BM450 breadmaker, which has a ‘rapid bake’ button that bakes a loaf in just 58 minutes. Check out our full review, along with the latest Best Buy breadmaker recommendations in our breadmaker reviews area.

Eco breadmaking

Kenwood’s latest breadmakers also feature an eco setting, but our expert suspects this option may not shave a great deal of money off your electricity bill.

Lisa says: ‘Energy-saving features can reduce your cooking’s impact on the environment, but our testing has found that most breadmakers cost very little to run anyway.’

We’ll be getting our lab experts to run some tests on this Eco button setting to find out if it really does save energy.

Kenwood breadmakers

We’ll have more details on these new Kenwood breadmakers very soon, and our first impressions will appear alongside our other breadmaker reviews.

The BM260 is currently on sale for £99, and the BM366 is available for £120. In addition to the features shared by the two machines, the BM366 also has a viewing window, internal oven light and comes in a stainless steel body.

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