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Panasonic reveals ‘ultimate bread-making machine’

One new model and two replacement models unveiled

Panasonic SD2500 Breadmaker

The Panasonic SD-2500 replaces the popular SD-256 breadmaker

Panasonic has unveiled a new range of breadmakers, replacing two of its most popular models with fresh breadmakers that are promised to deliver a ‘sleek design’ and ‘new features’.

Branded ‘the ultimate bread-making machine’, the third addition to the range is the brand new SDZB-2502 breadmaker (£159) and it features a yeast dispenser that Panasonic says will ‘ensure optimum-quality bread’. 

There are also new settings for jam, spelt flour, rye and brioche, as well as an automatic nut and raisin dispenser.

UPDATED: 10/01/12: We reveal full testing results in our Panasonic SDZB-2505 breadmaker review.

Panasonic SD-257 breadmaker

The SD-2501 (£139) replaces the popular SD-257, sporting a contemporary new design with white cool-touch housing.

There’s a new angled control panel, but still keeps the automatic raisin and nut dispenser. Which? subscribers can read our full review of the older Panasonic SD-257 breadmaker in our breadmaker reviews area.

Panasonic SD-256 breadmaker

The SD-256 has had a makeover too – its new modern design comes with a new model number, the SD-2500 (£119). 

Panasonic promises it ‘features all of the popular programmes from the previous model’. You can check out the specifications of the older SD-256, plus read our full review of the Panasonic SD-256 breadmaker online.

New additions to the SD-256 replacement include a new jam mode plus a spelt programme, which is useful for people on a wheat-free diet.

The ultimate breadmaker?

Which? breadmakers expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘This new line up is a really interesting development from Panasonic. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new additions to the range, in particular to try out the yeast dispenser on what Panasonic is calling the “ultimate bread-making machine”.

‘Yeast dispensers are not something we’ve seen on other breadmakers we’ve tested in recent years.

‘Both the revamped models look great, but the real test for all three breadmakers is how well they can make bread. We know these models will be popular, so we’ll be getting them into our test labs as soon as possible.’

Breadmaker reviews

All models boast cool-touch housing and feature a hardy Diamond-Flouro-coated bread pan.

To see how the original breadmakers fared in our tough tests, you can find reviews of the models these new Panasonics replace, along with full test results for 26 other models in our breadmaker review.

The new models hit the shops in April (SD-2501 and SD-2500) and June (SDZB-2502).

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Panasonic say they’ll be available from their e-shop as well as major stores where the current models are stocked.

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