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Tumble dryers: two energy saving Best Buys revealed

Energy Saver Best Buy tumble dryers keep bills low

Red Beko tumble dryer

We’ve found two new Energy Saving Best Buy tumble dryers which will keep energy bills low and dry your clothes in a flash – but we’ve also found one dryer, from a popular brand, that will cost you more than you bargained for.

Just in time for the plummeting temperatures this weekend, we’ve rated and reviewed 15 tumble dryers from seven different brands, including Bosch, Beko, Indesit, Zanussi and Candy.

If you’ve been affected by rising energy prices, you’ll also want to avoid the tumble dryer that was so wasteful with electricity, we’ve had to make it a Don’t Buy.

You can’t tell in the shops which dryer will run up bills and which will do a good job, but our expert reviews reveal everything. So before you dip into your bank balance, make sure you read our .

Big, red and cheap tumble dryers

Whether you’re looking for cheap tumble dryers under £200, huge capacity tumble dryers able to handle 9kg of clothing at once – or perhaps you want a tumble dryer available in a lovely shade of red?  The latest collection of dryer to come through our labs has a model suitable for you.

We’ve also tested our first heat pump condenser tumble dryer to cost under £500. Available form Beko, heat pump tumble dryers normally triple the purchase price but halve the running costs. Could this be the perfect compromise?

Heat pump condenser tumble dryers:

Condenser tumble dryers:

  • Beko DCU9330 (red version: Beko DCU9330R)
  • Beko DCU7230W
  • Indesit IDCE8450B(UK)
  • Indesit IDCA8350(UK)
  • Zanussi ZDC67560W
  • Zanussi ZDC68560W

Vented tumble dryers:

  • Hoover VHV 781C-80
  • Siemens WT36V395GB
  • Zanussi ZDE67560W
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