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Which? tests condenser and vented tumble dryers

Hotpoint and White Knight dryers take on new tests

Tumble dryer

Hotpoint and White Knight tumble dryers, including one of the lowest priced models on the market, have been tested by Which?. Find out how these models fared in our brand new test programme.

We’ve updated our tumble dryer test programme for 2013 and three dryers from Hotpoint and White Knight are the first to face the new assessment. Our new ‘dryness’ star rating will help sort the best clothes drying machines from the worst.

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Condenser and vented dryers

We’ve tested a Hotpoint condenser dryer and two vented models from Hotpoint and White Knight.

Both the Hotpoint dryers are automatic dryers. This means they have a sensor inside the machine to detect when your laundry is dry.

You’d expect two dryers from the same company to have sensors that do an equally good job – but we’ve found one of those dryers stops the drying prematurely, so clothes are left damp.

The White Knight dryer is a manual dryer, so you set the time yourself. It’s fairly featureless, but at around £150 it’s very economically priced. If you’re after a cheap tumble dryer, check out our White Knight review to see if it’s any good.

New test programme for 2013

Some tumble dryers just aren’t good at drying. Open the door after your drying has supposedly finished and it’s possible you’ll find a pile of wet laundry, like the aforementioned Hotpoint, or crispy items that have been over-dried.

Damp items need longer to dry, which is a pain. But over-dried items leave you waiting longer for dry clothes and add to running costs.

3%Clothes feel damp if they have a moisture content of 3% or more

Which? tumble dryer expert Adrian Porter said: ‘We’ve had comments from members complaining of clothes left damp in the drum.

‘Any garment that has been left with 3% or more moisture in the fabric will feel damp. On the other hand, dryers that over-do your laundry will cost you more money and run the risk of damaging clothes.

‘Our new dryness star rating will tell our members whether they can trust a model to do the drying or not.’

Cotton drying programmes allow you to fill the drum to the dryer’s maximum capacity. But almost no one fills dryers to the brim, so another change we’ve made is to switch to drying loads that take up 70% of the drum.

You can find out what now makes a Best Buy tumble dryer by visiting our how we test tumble dryers page.

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