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Trio of Best Buy tumble dryers revealed by Which?

Energy-saving models get the thumbs up from us

Samsung DV80F5E5HGW

This Samsung has estimated running costs of just £27 per year

Our latest tumble dryer test has uncovered three Best Buy tumble dryers. All three are also Which? Energy Saver logo winners as well, so you can trust these dryers to keep your energy bills low while doing a great job of drying your laundry.

Six condenser tumble dryers from Miele, Samsung, AEG and Electrolux have come through our gauntlet of tests which separate the Best Buy tumble dryers from the rest.

Pick the wrong tumble dryer and you may find your energy bills soar, your clothes take ages to dry, walls get sweaty from condensation or you could even end up with a dryer that leaves your clothes damp.

Avoid making an expensive mistake and be sure to get a dryer you can rely on by checking our tumble dryer reviews before you buy, not after. 

Energy saving tumble dryers

Of the six condenser dryers we’ve tested, four models are heat pump condenser models. Condenser models with heat pumps are far more energy efficient, and will typically cost you half or less to run compared to vented dryers or condenser models without heat pumps.

Which? laundry appliance expert Adrian Porter said: ‘Heat pump condenser tumble dryers are much more energy efficient, but typically cost more in the shop.

‘But it’s important to consider both the running cost and the price in the shop, as paying more now may mean you pay less overall.

‘In our latest tests the AEG costs £63 to run and £400 to buy. The Samsung, which dries more clothes at once than the AEG, costs £27 to run and £620 to buy. After six years, the Samsung will have cost you less and yet would have dried more laundry – so it’s important to know the full cost before you buy.’

70%One dryer only trapped this much moisture while drying laundry, leaving the rest to potentially escape into your home

Condenser tumble dryers on test

All condenser tumble dryers, including heat pumps, deposit the moisture removed from your laundry into a water tank that will need to be emptied from time to time.

But some condenser dryers do a bad job of trapping moisture inside the water tank. This means that a lot of water vapour will be free to float out of the machine and into your home, leaving your walls and windows damp. We refer to how much moisture a dryer can trap as condensation efficiency.

The best machine we’ve tested in the last couple of years trapped 93% of the moisture, the worst only 70% – letting free almost a third of the moisture originally in your wet clothes, to coat the inside of your home.

Every condenser dryer we test gets a rating for condensation efficiency. If you don’t want sweaty walls, make sure the dryer you want to buy has a good condensation efficiency star rating from us.

Condenser tumble dryers tested

The full list of models we’ve just reviewed is below. Go to our tumble dryer reviews section now to find out how they scored and which made the grade as Best Buys.

AEG T61270AC (£400, condenser)
Electrolux EDH3284PDW (£600, heat pump condenser)
Electrolux EDP2074PDW (£500, condenser)
Miele T8860WP – Edition 111 (£990, heat pump condenser)
Miele T8164WP (£915, heat pump condenser)
Samsung DV80F5E5HGW (£620, heat pump condenser)

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