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Which? reveals new Blu-ray DVD player Best Buys

Is our sub-£70 Best Buy a Samsung, LG, Sony or Panasonic?

When did you last sit down to watch a Hollywood film? Even if it was just last week, unless you watched it on Blu-ray the likelihood is that you didn’t see it – or hear it – in the best possible quality.

Blu-ray players are the next step up from DVD players, displaying films in high definition with great clarity – the likes of Sky Movies and Netflix simply don’t give you true HD.

But which Blu-ray players are best? Buy the right one and you’ll enjoy clear, detailed picture and sound from your favourite films, whether you’re watching Skyfall, Finding Nemo or the haunting opening helicopter attack sequence in Apocalypse Now.

Choose the wrong one and you may be stuck with poor DVD or 3D picture quality, few smart TV apps or a player that’s awkward to use compared with Best Buy models. We’ve put the latest Blu-ray players to the test to help you pick from the best on the market.

New Blu-ray player results

If you’re a Which? member you can log in to read the latest Blu-ray DVD player reviews to find the ideal partner for your TV.

If you’re not already a member, don’t miss out – you can sign upto get instant access to all our results, plus unique advice to help you find your perfect model. If your home entertainment needs an overhaul, you’ll also find reviews of the latest TVs, sound bars and PVRs.

Cheap, 3D Blu-ray and smart TV Blu-ray players tested

Whatever your budget or needs, our latest test results have something for everyone. Some models are available for less than £70, many play both 2D and 3D Blu-ray discs and a good serving will add BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other smart apps to your TV – handy if yours isn’t a smart TV.

As well as testing picture quality across DVD and Blu-ray, we’ve also assessed everything from how easy the player is to use to the variety of smart TV apps and features you get.

4K-upscaling Blu-ray players

As 4K (Ultra-HD) TVs have made their way into the shops, so too have ‘4K’ Blu-ray players. ‘4K discs’ don’t exist, but these players can upscale Blu-ray discs to display on a 4K TV at four times the quality of Full-HD (1080p). They’ll also play new ‘Mastered in 4K’ discs, which have been optimised for 4K-upscaling models using material derived from a high quality source.

Bagged yourself a brand new premium telly? Find out how well the latest sets from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic did in our 4K-upscaling and other picture tests.

Blu-ray players tested

Find the perfect partner for your TV by heading to our Best Buy Blu-ray players reviews. We’ve tested models from the top brands, including:

  • LG BP240, BP440, BP640, BP645 and BP740
  • Panasonic DMT-BD81, DMT-BDT260, DMT-BDT360 and DMT-BDT460
  • Samsung BD-H5900 and BD-H6500
  • Sony BDP-S1200, BDP-S5200 and BDP-S6200
  • Yamaha BD-S477

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